The exclusive Christmas clip in the Caribbean shows a heartwarming holiday

ComingSoon has released an exclusive clip from the Caribbean's Christmas movie, the upcoming holiday comedy directed by Paolo Martinez. The film is posing intheaters. It is being watched by professional artists. MORE:Exclusive Partners in Rhyme Clip previews Season 2 Finale Rachel, a hopeless romantic, has lost its ambitions to enter the crisp, late-December air when she is in the catch of her groom.

The movie is now playing in theatres and on demand.

As a mad romantic, Rachel combines her wedding dream with the crisp air of late December when she catches her groom doing a bit of a slow blow when she catches her groom out of the church, but still says that he will be right. Her two bridesmaids, Amanda and Rebecca, drunkenly decide to don’t let her perfectly good honeymoon go unavoidable. Ladies get to the island, and shiver out of the sea. His first evening of cooking brings an exceptionally handsome restaurateur Allesandro to their table, so there a narrator in the midst of his first day.

Check out the exclusive Christmas video below.

Christmas in the Caribbeanis was co-written by Nancy Cox and co-written and directed byPhilippe Martinez. It stars Elizabeth Hurley, Caroline Quentin and Nathalie Cox. The movie is currently playing in theaters and a video-on-demand.