The most adult saga? Final Fantasy XVI reveals certain of the plot-level themes

Final Fantasy XVI What Final Fantasy XVI. This will be one of the darkest games in the saga, something Square Enix has already mentioned in the first trailer and the following videos. So besides Brazilian indicative classification system, and discovered by the media Eurogamerthrew something more about it.

Final Fantasy XVI will be on display this spring.

What Final Fantasy XVI It’ll be one of the darkest games in the universe. From the first trailer and the following video, Square Enix has already explained to us. Now Brazilian ags classification and ediciones y llebrasios per el teja de los cómos del mejor del dororo.

For example, Final Fantasy XVI aims to be one of the most exciting video games on the web, with themes that differ in their national age rating system.

Drug abuse, budgeon, suicide, gratuitous violence, torture oh nodity Those are just some of the themes that have been classified to the video game.

The sequel will probably look more complex than what we are used to seeing. With the theme set for 2/28, let’s wait a little longer for more information. On the latest version of the PC, PlayStation 5 and later, Xbox.