The Vampire Survivor will take over its first DLC next week

I am a vampire first, in the first DLC on December 15. The title "Impérial of Moonspell", introduces a new stage, character, monster, weapon and hidden mysteries. The Viampire Survivor will be on Xbox In the DLC, the Moonspell clan is overrun in the eastern lands by hordes of goblins and ghosts. This indebted spectral dangle - this one.

First vampire to survive This is going to be released on the 15th of December.

This new film includes a real era. There are characters, monsters, weapons and hidden mysteries, including the Legacy of Moonspell.

Vampire Survivor has come to Xbox.

In the DLC, the Moonspell clan in the eastern lands is overrun by hordes of goblin and ghosts. That hive of spectral activity may lead to clues about the character of the vampires.

These eight characters are included in the film. Miang Moonspell, the last of the clan’s Moonspell elders, the elder of Moonspell, the exiled practitioner of the dark magic of the new moon, Syuuto Moonspell, and Babi-Onna, who came back from the dead to avenge demons and mortals.

Other new weapons are the Silver Wind, a set of orbs called the Seasons, the Summoning Night and the Phantom Robe of the Kimono.

The new phase is Mt. Moonspell, a vast map with a variety of different environments, all with new challenges and new monsters. There is a castle, a mountain with a snow-capped mountain and a remote-departable community.

Six new songs are included, too.

This DVD will be available on PC and Xbox for $1.99 on the 15th December.