The witcher game is coming soon. Support for the game will soon end

Gwent: Witcher Card Game has been officially out for around five years now, but as of now, it looks like a CD Project RED is looking for another way to turn off its resources. CD Projekt RED apparently moves things around. No wonder the many upcoming projects, such as the Cyberpunk expansion, the new Witcher trilogy, and the other, all will take place.

The Witcher Card Game has been officially out for around five years now, but with CD Projekt RED its vision is to divert its resources in different directions.

CD Projekt RED seems to be dragging things around. We don’t know this problem, despite the many upcoming projects like the Cyberpunk expansion, the new Witcher trilogy and The Witcher remake. Of course, this is an impact and the studio announced that support for Gwent: The Witcher Card game will be discontinued at the end of 2024 and the developers will be redistributed to other projects.

That doesn’t mean you can’t expect anything new in the next few months or that the game will probably be disconnected. In the year coming, Gwent will continue to receive new expansions. In part of three expansions, 72 new maps would be released in April, July and October 2023. The following tournament is planned, as well as the monthly balancing adjustments.

My career started in the last 7 years of @PlayGwent. I met lots of amazing people and had lots of unforgettable friendships. I always think of the time coming from back. Let’s make 2023 as epic as possible! I love you all!

Pawel Burza (@pawelburza) December 4, 2022.

Starting in 2024, the game will revert to a community-centric approach, nann entworst in itself as the project Gwentfinity. As part of Project Gwentfinity, this game will see a seasonal progression system, and an upgraded balancing feature that will let the community vote on changing balances. According to CD Projekt Red, tampering is permitted to be allowed to be euthanized, without the risk of euthanizing.

The game will definitely continue if CD Projekt RED puts staff at the door. You can play Gwent: Rogue Mage at an early rate, and if that’s not enough for you, with an additional 30 hours of experience.

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