The World’s Best Horror Scandals, run by a middle school graduate, is named as the Best Anime Fights of All Time

Did you hear your phone? A BRAWL gonna go till school! It's going to start by the flagpole at 3PM! I'll rank the best fights in my spiral notebook.

Did you hear me? There’s probably going to be a BRAWL during the school year! This is going to happen at three o’clock. Everything is going to be there. I wasn’t able to see how much bad blood was in this school. I can’t think of anyone who wants to smuggle this harddoe. Maybe there are Violet Evergarden? And that’s just because she ALREADY KILLED EVERYONE She NEEDED. Boy, howdy! It’ll get so wild, so am gonna record everything in my notebook. And I’ll try to figure out which anime fight was the best! The kids of Demon Slayer faced a heavy fight the other day. However, it’s going to take a whole new level. I hope the college nurse’s there! Somebody have to cut off the body and blood and body parts from the blacktop. And it will get me!

Kiritsugu Emiya/Zero vs. Kirei Kotomine Fate/Zero.


Kiritsugu Emiya and Kirei Kotomines fight a thing! People like each other. When do you don’t get inspired by a magic knife, versus a mercenary with grenadine bullets? This fight is not an all-out slugfest, it’s a battle of wits with deadly surgical precision! What Kiritsugu should do is use time magic to speed up his heart so that he doesn’t get his head broken up during a merciless attack. Meanwhile, Kirei plays mental chess reading Kiritsugus moves, so that he can find an open space that will allow him to disembowel him. You’re all right.

Mugen and Jinvs. Kagetoki, Toube, Denkibou and Samurai Champloo of Umanosuke vs. Khagestoki, Tourbe, Toneka, and Umanosuke.


The fight could go either way! Of all time, Jin and Mugen have only met handful of people they couldn’t kill with just a few tries of swords (including one another), but it’s not the case here. Kagetokis sword blows are so powerful that they can shape waves in the ocean. Meanwhile, Mugen is fighting the Toubes brother Denkibou on a tiny boat and can’t use his signature breakdance mode to dodge Denkibous attacks. OHM, AJUST smack, HIN – SIZING ME – TWO WENK MY THOD! I guess that he really never saw that coming. Meanwhile, Mugen managed to kill Denkibou and Umanosuke, all that has gone has left is completely empty, TOUBE HAD A GUN IN HIS WHEELCHAIR? What is the WORLD COMING to?

Rock Lee vs. Gaara Naruto.

(Viz Media)

Okay, a ton of great fights are happening between the Naruto characters now. Madara just fought the whole army, Naruto and Sasuke are going to be at it again, and Obito and Kakashi fight is very emotional. I could cry. But Rock Lee and Gaara had the most ICONIC moment of all when Rock Lee Took HIS WEIGHTS AND HE FAVORED HE HE AED A HARDWARD. This is probably the most hyped city in Naruto history, andoo, my god. Are you still looking for a win? Okay, that just made Gaara one of the scariest characters in existence. I think I’d better keep my distance.

One Punch man Saitama vs. Boros One Punch Man.


Wait, Saitama’s one-punch man, right? So why didn’t he win in just one punch? I’m pretty annoyed at them. Has Saitama really met his match? Nobody else in the school even wanted to join this guy, but Boros looks like he’s doing a lot of harm. I think Boros might just wait because Saitama is throwing serious punches now? That’s the end of that. However, it was fun to take advantage of. Poor Boros, I really thought it was in him.

Akira and Ryo Devilman Crybaby vs. Ryo Devilman Crybaby.


Wait, Akiras best friend Ryo has been an angel this time! And now these two buds need to die? I’d be crying if I wasn’t so afraid. Akira can’t put this guy up! And by emeritus, I don’t know how to describe a person’s own purpose. I want Akira to win so badly, because everybody who loves her is dead. She deserves it. Hes ever done was try to be good and friendly. But waitRyo cut the Akira and the MOON in half. Ah, I think that’s a big deal. I’m crying now. Ryo is also good.

Spike vs Vicious Cowboy Bebop.


So Spike and Vicious fought twice, but the battles are so short that im counting them only in one battle. This first was a stalemate. Spike shot Vicious; Vicious stabbed Spike. Then Vicious pushed Spike out of the window, but not before Spike pulled the pin on a GRENADE. Now they fight again, and oh god, SYMMETRY. THE THEMIAL DAYS. They had an SAME FIGHT because they were trapped in a CYCLE OF VIOLENCE. They’re doomed to repeat the past like the characters of Great Gatsby. With the SHEER SYMBOLISM, I was angry. And wait, don’t you wish to get EACH OTHER’s WEAPONS, and GIVE THEM BACK TO EACH OTHER? The MPO is eating food at night.

Nanashi and Luo-Lang’s Stranger Sword are the same thing.


A lot of these fights were cosmic chaos, but these fights feel grounded. And that animation is just gorgeous. The steel sound sounds on steel. The sparks of blue light are burning as the blades work together. This is precisely the case. You’re a grace. The patience. I want to write a poem about this battle. I think that I’ll try. Roses are red / Like blood in the snow / Nanashi won / Luo-Langs gotta go.

Ryuko and Satsuki (first Kamui fight) Kill la Kill.

(Studio Trigger).

Remember how solid it was, the fight between Nanashi and Luo-Lang? Well, that fight is opposite. Two half-naked girls are slicing against each other with enough force to break up buildings and one of them does it with half a pair of giant scissors! This PERFECT SENTENCE DOES NOT DECRETE AN IME. And, as if this fight couldn’t ever get better, the absolute banger Kill la Kill theme song My Body Is Dry is a PLAY OVER LODSPEAKERS. I do not want to sing and I am fAILING. DON’T LOSE YOUR WAYYY / IN YOUR MIND / WE’LL BEEEE EXCELLENTLY. God, it is very good.

Edward Elric and his brother Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Two armies.

Edward Elric has just been able to fight a severely nasty homonculi, hordes of chimeras, and even a State Alchemist for this fight. He has no problem with the wannabe god’s grandfather anymore. Edward’s very pissed off at Father because Ed’s little brother, Alphonse, has just finished sacrificing his soul to restore Ed’s arm so he could win. We wait for five seasons so that this fight won’t be complete without damage. That nation’s fate rests on the outcome of this battle. I couldn’t look. The drama is too heavy.

Asuka and Mass Production Evangelions End of Evangelion.


I really wish I wasn’t still watching the Ed vs. Father fight because it is hard to stomach. Those poor teenage girls are piloting a giant biomechanical suit that uses to fight a few other mechs. We’re not doing well here. Asuka was saying that I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them again and again like a desperate prayer, and she held her own for a while. After the other Evangelions introduced the Spear of Longinus and oh god, I am going to be sick. It makes me cry. I think I’ll call my mom before she picks me up so I’ll find myself so excited that she still has a mother after the fight. We had the whole world’s fate in the end.

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