Trailer for the Exclusive Battle for Pandora – Showcases The Avatar Mockbuster from Asylum The Asylums Watch Showcases The Avatar Mockbuster of Algores

ComingSoon has announced a trailer for the upcoming series The Asylums that stars Tom Sizemore. The film's going to be released on December 2 at select theaters. More:An Exclusive Rifles Clip shows Danny Trejo Setting the Stage When a help signal from a research vessel reaches Earth, the USA Space Force [] is putting the United States on its backs.

The film will be available on December 2 in a variety of theaters.

The US Space Force has sent an expedition ship to Pandora. The moon of Saturns, the films synopsis is read. But when they want to land, they discover that Pandora is already inhabited by an early humanoid species that cannot give up their Earthling prisoners without fighting.

Check the new article, Pandoratrailer below.

The Battle for Pandora was written by Rude Kanefsky and directed by Naah Luke. The film stars Tom Sizemore, Mark Ricketson andKristos Andrews. The film is set to go to various theaters on December 2nd.