a good surprise revealed in advance

Oh, stop! The movie Super Mario Bros remains the victim of a major leak that once again reveals the presence of a somewhat unexpected character. The Super Mario Bros movie hasn't revealed all its surprises yet. This adaptation continued recently during a special Nintendo Direct concert, the Illumination series (Moi, Moche, Mechant) and the animated “Iron-Motion” film.

Oh, come and go. The Super Mario Bros movie is still the victim of a major leak that once again reveals the presence of a pretty unexpected character.

The Super Mario Bros movie hasn’t yet revealed all its surprises. The illuminated adaptation (Moi, Moche et Mechant) remastered for a very special Nintendo Direct experience, is a strange adaptation that still amazes fans, and does not follow Chris Pratt’s story. In the latest trailer, there are two key characters, Donkey Kong and Peach. There is no doubt the full cast has yet been announced. leak supportive.

The ballgame shows me a ballgame.

The promotion of the Super Mario Bros film will not only be achieved by spectacular trailers. Nintendo is a master of all kinds of derivative materials and collaborations. One of them is a long-time partner: McDonalds, which has received all of them financial assets this business transaction has made. This gave us the chance to see how Mario and his friends modeled. Now this was a surprise character.

In Japan, the fast food giant will launch several characters in the Happy Meals cookbook later this month. Almost all names such as Donkey Kong, Luigi, Bowser are found, but also an unexpected character: a Luma, a starry creature from Super Mario Galaxy. Also, Mario and his friends plan on exploring other galaxies. This wouldn’t be surprising, since Peach is a smuggler of the world as an exotic universe. This would be a nice surprise, which can then be followed by a performance by Harmonie. It still is expected to make public the super Mario Bros movie in Dark Rooms from March 29 – 2023 in France.