According to The Elec, a folding tablet with a more than generous screen is already a development, a foldable MacBook Pro is being created

Folding screens have been with us for many years, but for Apple its still a milestone. And even if we're not waiting too long, we will not see it. We are getting rumors about the development of a folding bench, which would soon become a new MacBook Pro. The Elec noted that the trace is "their mark".

Folding screens have been with us for years, but for Apple is still an important milestone. And we may not have to wait too long to see it, and we’re getting rumors about the already active development of a foldable slab that could become a new MacBook Pro.

The Elec noted that the Korean media believe Apple is working on these slabs, but we are still not able to see them mass produced. Even though its screen folded, Apple cars are on the front of a MacBook Pro.

A laptop will have to be folded?

The source tells us that the display has an entire diagonal of 20,25 inches, which would become 15,3 inches after folding. What you should get for a business laptop is a small MacBook Pro, which is 14 inches smaller than the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook works beyond the inches of the screen, but we don’t have much specific information on how the device works, so while Apple’s already developing the panel, we’re able to get better-known how it works.

The Elec believe that before we see this device in the store, the transition of entire product line to OLED screens should be complete, so it is possible that I don’t see this as soon as 2026 or 2027. As for folding screen development in the Apple store, I have a lot more attractive progress.