Aichi man arrested after pranking coffee milk into the ticket gate at the station

Sorry, automatic ticket gates do not need to take a coffee break.

Silly, ticket gates don’t need to be harmed by coffee.

Because of the crowded traffic that is trafficking all over Japan’s major urban areas, trains used technology to streamline the journey. It was developed with a sensor that lets you pay instantly with your smart card or phone and even more recently with your face.

The yellow arrows are slot to slide the ticket or pass through, and the blue circles below them can scan your phone or card.

With all these advancements, it’s possible that the humble paper ticket is the era of the ordinary. Even with these tickets, we never can see incidents like that on the 6th of December in the city of Seto, Aichi.

At around 10:30 the staff at Seto Shiyakushomae Station saw a young man spilling something into the ticket gate. One worker caught the man and turned him over to the police when they arrived.

The man put the bottle of coffee in the slot. Coffee milk is a bittersweet flavor and it is popular with western countries, like the Chocolate milk. There are some evidence, that ticket gates will enjoy a creamy flavor too.

Oh, coffee and chocolate milk, as well as sugar taste.

In the end, Seto Shiyakushomae Station had a bad situation with their gates being damaged in the past, and it was on the lookout for suspicious people when that accident happened. This station is normally unmanned, but because of the time spent, somebody was placed on duty.

It is unclear whether the 53-year-old man was involved in a vandalism, and the police are now investigating. The man said that he was a mistake when I was interrogating.

News reported that the bad guy who needed to clean up was showing up.

It is somewhat conceivable that could’ve been done accidentally. But as far as he can tell, the man who does that would have had to try and give the ticket and tie it up with the same hand, was doing that?

The news reader tried to make up about the fact that it was simple, but instead couldn’t imagine his motive.

What does she do? He will probably be laying a deal for an amount of money. Has he come up against the gate? Oh, even if it wasn’t a mistake I would think we’d let him go. Can they even clean it out or have a new gate? What was he trying to do? If you have a ticket in one hand and a coffee in another, what do you think? Even if he did that many times before, there’s no excuse. How much do these things cost?

Prices vary based on their functionality from around 6 million to 15,000,000 yen (Sea-dollars for $47,000 to 109,000 dollars). And if this were the way that could handle both paper and near field communication payments, it may be in that high proportion.

If it were a mistake, it might be a costly mistake. Even if it weren’t intentional, its hard to imagine dark thoughts that would make use of destructive behavior. Coffee is fantastic, and any nutnut who deliberately wastes it like that is a real threat to society.

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