An excellent story, Smiley Review. Most Hated Emoji Ignites

If Love Actually was directed without cringing and with modern era characters, Smiley would definitely smile on everyone's face.

Smiley is a Spanish movie series directed by David Marjoy and Marta Pahissa. This movie is about one of those characters that lives a despairing romance can be seen, Bruno and Alex. That’s when their partners make mistakes. The movie covers notable supporting actors such as Pepon Nieto, Meritxell Calvo, Giannina Fruttero, Eduardo Lloveras, Ruth Llopis, Ramon Pujol, Brian McGovern, Carlos Noriega and Yasmina Drissi. In each episode, the series takes center stage in each of the actors’ lives, and their struggles on individuality and love.

In the official article of Netflix, when they are attracted to Grindr dates and disappointed, Alex and Bruno are both very different men who are searching for a person they can’t find until a misdialed phone call sends them head over heels into a love story that neither man saw coming. So, do they find the love they alle yearned for? Did the incorrect number catch feelings? Is destiny just a hoax? Read on to the end of the series and let them know why Id say this is exemplary.

Smiley Review Contains Spoilers.

How is it starting?

A still from the Netflix show Smiley.

Our handsome son Alex has the history of dating and being abandoned after sex. Are you unhappy with you? I mean, he is innocent, but he is only true. But the men must remain loyal to him. With heartbroken, Alex finally finds a guy called Lola and believes that he is the one, but what happens? He has the same reputation. Alex sent long voicemails to Lola, and, unexpectedly, he got sent the wrong number.

Bruno, on the other hand, is a wise and intelligent architect who believes he’s not attractive. Oh boy, she knows no. Bruno gets dumped in love with her boyfriend because they find him nerdy. Bruno calls one night to say to Alex that he’s not the guy he sent the voicemail to, and thats when their first impression goes together.

Smiley and Red Thread Significance.

The stills from a television series Smiley seem to be all in a good way.

The Japanese story is about a red thread that connects two people, isn’t it? If not, look into the internet or watch the show. Bruno explains to Alex the red thread story, and Alex totally interprets it as a myth. The concept of the red thread holds enormous importance throughout the series. Since the end of the film, I got goosebumps. Another big issue of the series is the annoying smiley. I hate that smiley emoji, guys. Is that yellow blob truly smiling or is it pissed? Who knows.

But surprisingly, this series showed the other perspectives of that particular emoji. The protagonists both love him and have different opinions about him. It makes viewers recognize that people are unique and that nobody needs to understand them. You observe, what you consider normal doesn’t have to be like other people. As well as that, the LGBT aspect of this series is screaming. My heart feels great about me.

Love is Love no matter whom you are.

I’m still doing the picture of the Netflix show Smiley.

I turned my eyes on all the actors and their relationships. Alex and Bruno are gay and their elements are presented beautifully. Alex has a loving mother who supports his sons sexuality. Wherever Bruno has his best friend, Albert, who together with his wife and kids showers Bruno with love. Then we see our couples, Vero and Patricia, who represent the lives of lesbians who are interested in discussing open relationships.

And then there’s the story about Javier, 55, finding his soulmate, Ramiro. They’re eccentric because everyone loves the story with a special sauce. It’s not the same, and it doesn’t necessarily make sense to every viewer. It’s shown to show all the individualities and their own feelings about love.

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The impact of Smileys Supporting Actors has on the actor.

Despite the Netflix movie Smiley, a still is available.

Even if Alex and Bruno are the lead characters, their plot can’t be made without supporting roles. Let’s talk about Alex. Alexs dilemma arises because of Ibra. Ibra is a hot young man, who likes playing hard, but with his feet on Alex. We’re talking to our closest friend Vero. She is the one who works her wise words. Even though her relationships are crippling, she’s constantly trying to do something for Alex. The revelation was revealed when Alex spoke about his mother Rosa, her supportive nature and his relationship with Ramiro (who is the friend of the late husband Juan) and that he is in an isolated relationship.

In Bruno’s story, Albert plays a huge role as he continues to check on Bruno despite losing his temper with his wife and children. Then we have him, the ex-Horsemist who is head of head for him. When they try to meet for dinner, Bruno realizes what he’s really looking for. We saw others who were affected by the effects of Alex’s, such as Ibra and Vero.

Smiley Characters Analysis: They’re trying to regain my blood.

From hair to clothes, every character shows freshness. A sweet boy, Vero isn’t aware that his arduous working nature makes her relentless. Her tomboy attire, her attitude and the way she chases her dreams are well presented. Patricia is a Veros lover, but it is, from time to time, very sensitive. Patricia is a conservative woman and dreams of marriage. Do they do what they need to do? Watch and see.

A still on Smiley from the TV show Netflix.

Ensuite, we have Rosa, Ramiro and Javier. Rosa and Ramiro are long-lost best friends, but Rosa believes that Ramiro is always happy with her. That is when the twist is approaching. After discovering the truth, Ramiro seeks out Javier, the drag-queer and comedian of Bar Bero (the bar run by Vero and Alex). Javier is an old friend who finds it hard to find a man to love, and when it is done, the problems seem to work out.

When it comes to their nature Rosa is a kind single mom who doesn’t want anybody to be alone. Ramiro feels lost because he has no family to claim. When Javier can handle his life, but he puts his own life into the best of his friends, while he crumbles. I liked how it affects Alex and Bruno since Rosa and Ramiro have decided to leave their differences. This isn’t a unnecessary side story.

A still from the Netflix show Smiley.

Both Ramon and Ibra are important characters that shape Bruno and Alex. Ramon is a very talented and kind architect who works hard to make Bruno happy. Ramons happy lifestyle and efforts were well demonstrated, but he didn’t know the signs well but he didn’t try to impress Bruno. Ibra, who is a macho-man, denies that he has a dating account and then suddenly retreated to his bar. Yes, people change and realize things later. But in Ibras life, you decide whether it is soon or not. At first I disliked him. However, after he told his story, I realized that he was not really a bad guy. He just put boundaries.

A rest of a TV show Smiley is on.

Next up is my favorite couple, Albert and Nuria. I wonder whether that they want to marry someone who is heterosexual. Ah-uh, Na! They’re great because they’re sensible and will give parents the best of their parents. Albert is very funny and loves painting. But he sacrifices his passion for Nuria and works at his father-in-law firm. His agony grew as he wanted to live with his wife and children a free life. On the other hand, Nuria loves cooking but she doesn’t know how to do that because she needs to do that for the children. That brings true hatred to Albert and Nuria.

Here is the part that I like about them. Parents fight and ruin the children’s lives. But when a person and a woman try to learn more about who they are, thanks to Bruno, to find out who they are, they chuck everything and try to live a beautiful life, both for their own and children’s sake. When Albert confessed to Nuria once again and brought the lost love back to me, glad tears flowed. They demonstrate that it’s never too late to enjoy love and be good parents.

A still from the Netflix show Smiley.

More supporting characters include Albert’s father-in-law, who has a toxic authority over his son-in-law; Vero’s friend who causes a major squabble among Vero and Patricia on the basis of their involvement in a threesome; Rosa’s best friend and colleague who tries hard to prevent her from being injured again; and Bruno’s colleagues and the Albert family’s nanny. At the same time they played a crucial role in uplifting each character with its life. In fact, they were visible.

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Revision and Cinematography.

A still from the show Smiley is now available for viewing.

The whole series is on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. The Christmas trees, decorations, parties, and Thanksgiving dinners were easily presented in the drama without wrapping them together. Even the Thanksgiving scene is important because Patricia has a life changing situation. I admire colour grading, and whenever I watch movies or movies, I look at how the colourist worked. In Smiley, the crew did a fantastic work because the colours of the series were romantic and bright, just like the show genre.

There were scenes where some characters in this series were shown in the Grindr App. The result was great with a bright yellow background and a huge app icon, next to them. The screen is one of a kind. The split-screen effect showed that Alex and Bruno simultaneously worked really well because their dialogues arranged and merged perfectly. The location was perfect for cinematography. The locations were not clumsy, and the angles were bad. Because I wanted to find out what’s coming next, I loved the series editing and cinematography.

Smiley has Got The Thrillerous Scenes.

A still from the Netflix show Smiley.

I wanted to say this to you. I love erotic stuff. I don’t really like it, so I won’t watch it if it feels irrelevant like 365 days. I expect many sex scenes of this series to be shown at proper time. I don’t feel like steamy sex scenes are the bait for the viewers to watch. It was precisely why Alex, Bruno and any other character bonded and got hurt from that.

I laughed at that scene where Bruno is babbling about his sad life, and the split-screen effect appears, showing that two people making intense love. Keep it true. You really could look at Bruno yapping and complaining or in the couple who go to town for that? You tell me because I am not ready to believe if you lie.

Comedy and music – the key to this thing.

Javier is the key to comedy and music. Every night at the bar Bero, Javier dresses as a drag queen. He chants superb jokes and meaningful speeches, and pointing at gays in the bar. He sings Spanish music, as well as other great songs that hold a character to the show. There were music elements to show the emotions of the characters, and that is a +1. But there’s no song that got me excited. Now it isn’t really a bad thing, because this isn’t a musical drama, but generally, I want to sing a song from every movie or series.

Smiley finally sentenced: Everything is connected.

Now a still from a Netflix show Smiley.

I believe that we all are connected. There’s definitely something glorious above us that writes every one of our life stories iconically. I felt that in Smiley. All right, there will be a lot of wow moments because the people turn off for a bit and it will be like everything would be like it would be right now. Whatever theories, the smiley emoji or red string are all good-looking. They show and remark that destiny exists, and it carries across each of our lives in dramatic way. Love is a marital queen.

Honestly, the series deserves five/5, but technically, they could have shown more of Ibra and Ramons story, and the soundtrack could have been appealing. Watch the movie by Netflix.

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