As far as Dead Space has evolved, it became brutal: Remake

We're already in the final phase of the year, and we're going to notice that some new games are coming out, this includes and the above mentioned Callisto Protocol, and as much as possible, the spiritual successor to the EA saga, a game that we loved as much as you can.

This includes both the aforementioned Callisto protocol and the spiritual successor of the EA saga. Those games we loved a lot in our analysis and as they were already done, we must also begin to show signs of developments in development being being released.

Just two days ago we had an advanced version of the title that finally showed the great improvements to the original. We can see how the Dead Space Remake surpasses the original in the whole technical aspects and a technical naive picture is, and in the technologies and details that cannot be seen nakedly. In the following comparison you see a jump between the two games / without subtracting from the original, some more would be missing.

Compare Dead Space with Dead Space Remake this comparison.

If the all goes up, Dead Space Remake will be available on Xbox on January 28th.

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