Beautiful Flower Ending Explained: Does Mich finally become the most popular girl in the school?

Do she achieve all his aims, and love for her life? Read out for the most beautiful flower ends explained.

The Most Beautiful Flower (The Florist Mas Bella) is a Mexican teen comedy series created by Michelle Rodriguez and Fernanda Eguiarte Hernandez. In total, there are 10 episodes at a runtime of 30-39 minutes, and are called the “Thret of The Flower” that, according to the artist, inspired the teen film actress, Michelle Rodriguez.

The synopsis of the series reads, Curvy, curly, confident, Mich knows she is fabulous. Now she only has to convince everybody else at her Xochimilco high school, so she can also believe it.

The character of the show is Esmeralda Soto, Mich, Isabel Yudice, Yadi, Alicia Velez, Tania, Michelle Olveraa, Brenda, Luis Fernando Pena, Fer, German Bracco, Dani, Tadeo Tovar, Majo, Luisa Huerta, Grandma, and Angelica Rogel, Hilda, Gael Garcia, & Ivanna Garcia.

The best flower leaves Explained.

Mich is a dazzling and hopelessly unique teenager that’s trying to survive high school through love entanglements, social expectations and family traditions while still continuing her mission to become popular. A new school year begins, Mich is tired of being invisible to the popular girls including her own boyfriend and is going to embark on the adventure of trying to make a splash.

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We see that Mich starts dating Dani again when she sees that Brenda and Mati are together again after their impromptu trip. She started her drama career and decided to show her talent to her teacher that she can make the most of the Alices. He surprised him with his performance, he gets a part of the fifth understudy, which is getting excited about her.

Dani plans a big night with Mich, but she’s working with his friends to make a change. On the other hand, Brenda manoeuvres to take out her onstage competition. With help of her friend, she hides drugs in her cast of friends’ lockers, and calls her friend to leave the play and tell me she has Instagram mentions and followers.

I still found the most beautiful flower.

And now only Mich, Majo and Brenda are still in the role of Alice. When she takes a moment with Majo in the changing room, Mich still feels conflicted about her feelings. When Majo sees him kissing Dani and feeling rejected, she runs away and is even dropped out of the drama. He has the perfect plan to get his family’s role.

She puts an image of her childhood picture and shows that Mich is her sister. The video puts her on all the radar and then identifies Mich and make her feel popular. At the moment, Brenda invites him to the fountain and tells her that she might be a popular girl if she withdraws from the play, otherwise she will return the sudden popularity.

Although Mich likes his popularity, being on the stage and applauding for his talent is a long dream that she can’t let go of. Even the mother of her child gives her a voice, but instead a voice in the most beautiful flower pageant. So she decides not to say to Brenda. That leads to another video, where she claims to have her account hacked and that she isn’t related to me or anything else.

She still loves the most beautiful flower.

From the video, she gets a message from her other cousin and the picture of Mich and Mati kissing as she seemed disappointed to know that Mich didnt reciprocate the same sisters love, as she was too happy to know that she’s going back to her father. Brenda confronts Mati about that kiss and eventually they break up. While Mich visits Majo and he let them kiss, she refused to continue.

In the play, Mich is given solo as even Brenda doesn’t come, but she’s a little booed by the audience after watching the live stream video. It affects her self-esteem, but after watching the video, she took full control of all her efforts and finished the play. When a great performance, which got my much applause and praise, he is surprised with Dani who wants to confess his feelings.

She, after she pauses, meets Mati, who also wants to connect with him, after breaking up with Brenda and when she’s at home, and who asks for a bit of time. She’s awaiting a kiss last night in the park, and after the rest of her meeting, now she thinks of Mati as a guest. While she was expecting all of them to come together, she ran into her house and told her family that she likes to participate in a pageant.

It was only to see that Brenda will live with her now and even represent the family in the pageant. While the series is on and over at this point, we can argue that Mich is certainly furious that she saw Brenda in a costume she would wear. Our decision not to choose who Mich liked to date is clear for us, but it may only be explained in another season, if there is one.

The Best Flower is streaming on Netflix.

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