Burning grief solved. Does Mario and Beatriz get married?

After one's blow on the king, one of the lovers, Mario and Beatriz, separated by Poetry.

Burning Patience (Ardiente Pacie) is a romantic movie that revolves around the lad of Chile, Mario Jimenez, played by Andrew Bargsted, who fell in love with Beatriz Gonsalves and tried to convince his reluctant mother.

A still with Burning Patience.

This film was created by Antonio Skarmeta’s novel and directed by Rodrigo Sepulveda. Moreover, it is telling a fictionalised version of romantic events, while ignoring Neruda as the titular character. This film is written by Guillermo Calderon and a story by Ana Godoy. While Maura Morales Bergmann serves as a cinematographer and Carlos Cabezas provides the song for the film.

Burning Patience Ending Explained To me.

After watching the movie, Mario bowed up the heart of Beatriz who filmed one of the Pablo Nerudas poems, in attempt to impress him. However, the move backfires for the young man. To take up her work at her aunt’s place, he loved his life from the shore of Isla Negra and leaves his grandmother.

The wanna-be poet decides to change the relationship by learning to write original poetry and then writes to Beatriz. And he uses Pablo’s sea-facing table to find a way to think of the idea.

In this process, he is successful in connecting with her love after multiple back-and-forth conversations. Although, at one point, Beatriz almost seems to have forgotten Mario and found someone else who hardly hates poetry.

Moreover, when Pablo returns from the election, he finds Mario heartbroken and making all of his possible efforts to do so. He visits Mario for his special reception. In Isla Negra, he tells him that Beatriz will be back in his special house in Isla.

A still from Burning Patience.

The murderer remained a smuggler.

At the reception party, everyone is planning to contribute to the distraction and bring some intimacy to the lovers. Marios father breaks the glass of wine and forced Beatriz to come into the cafe. Moreover, as a team, they have successful work, but still need all the blessings of the reluctant mother, who finds all the poets illegal.

In the end, Mario and Beatriz both confront the opposing mother and reveal their true feelings before she. They even make sure to tell their best plans to get married and dismiss such ideas of temporary love. And finally, this melts the highly biased mother and clears the path for a young couple.

During the last few scenes, we see montages of Mario’s getting married to Beatriz, and Pablo Neruda’s busy thinking process a lot by the ocean. The love story ends on a happy note and sets out the metaphor of love.

A still in the film, the story is very revealing.

You can watch that movie on Netflix.

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