Days After the Dead, the director blames the unpopularities of the reviewers for the mid-reception

Sony Bend Studio We discussed last days again, three years after the open world zombie survival game was released. If you remember the one-off Xbox exclusive, he had a mediocre reception and saw a seemingly disappointing sales stream. The reason? Well, according to John Garvin, author and director of game in reply to a fan on []].

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We are talking about Last Days again, three years after the game of the open universe. You may remember that a limited edition PlayStation game received a mediocre reception and saw apparently disappointing sales. Why? According to author and director John Garvin about the fact that he walked through the interview with a twitter fan, The reviewers woke up early to confront an obscure white biker in a look at his date.

Sony Bend Studios has released its first true foray into the open world in the last days and was released in April 2019. After the former outlaw turned crook Deacon St. John into a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested Oregon, the game received a medium-critical reception. The program was composed of 71 points on Metacritic and 72 for OpenCritic, with most reviewers paging the game for boring life, sloppy exploration and boring storytelling. In my city, written and written by former staff writer Joshua Rivera Last days, nothing has succeeded in making the offer informally in ten years the Walking Dead and endless post-apocalyptic movies such as this one. With other words, Last Days was a completely unoriginal, or sometimes enjoyable experience.

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The game sold around eight million copies since it launched the PlayStation 4 game three years ago its PC port that dropped in May 2021. Eight million is a massive number to celebrate, but given that the Japanese ‘Openworld’ cult-esque Sucker Punch Productions Spirit of Tsushima sold the same sum in less than two years, Bend Studios manager explained Last days a disappointment.

Now, Garvin has shared his own theories about why critics found it a bit disappointing (vGC). In a publicly available tweet (archived here), Garvin gave three fan reasons why he thought the game was so bad: “The tweet doesn’t sound as much as you did.”

It’s a three-time reason:

1. There were technical issues such as bugs, streaming, and framerate; 2. It had reviewers who didn’t bother to play the game. And third, it had woken reviewers who couldn’t stand it when a rugged white biker looked at his dates ass ass ass as it had been an affair.

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If you played Last days, you probably know where Garvin is talking about the scene. But if it does not exist, there is an early flashback sequence in which Deacon and his date Sarah Whitaker explore Oregon and wander along a trail and look at the sights. Sarah stops to show him what he wants and moves forward. When we look at each other, deacon has the courage to look over and look at her. Though this sexually charged moment between two characters was a pitfall for critics, it’s hardly the only reason that the game did not look better than it did.

A few other Twitter fans deny Garvins claims quick.

Claiming the Protag of Last Days was terrible for all these bright reviewers. It was very funny. We have been told that Deacon is a rough, badass biker, but he’s actually boring, docile and does what the authorities tell him to do. His responsibilities are limited to whining to himself.

I think the reason for the poor review of Last Days was because the game wasn’t so good, said another.

Perhaps the creator of the video game, Chris Franklin, summed up this very best. What is crazy to me is that I don’t think anybody really hated last days. The consensus was that it was perfect. Does what you promise. At a time packed with open world games, zombie games was definitely one of them. It seems odd to get angry with critics who have not gutted your title (which ranked #171 in Metacritic) but haven’t given it enough plaudits.

I wrote in January that I didn’t find that last days fun to play. The controls were clunky and complicated. Hunting resources was a task. After I run out of gas, I enjoyed riding my motorcycle in beautiful Oregon, but the novelty went off. All of this was compounded by the fact that the Open-world and zombie survival -Genre are supersaturated, and Last days didn’t have much time to defend themselves from other games at that time.

I won’t blame anyone who enjoyed them Last Days. Let’s meet each other. But proclaiming well-mandated reviewers was one of the reasons for which the games mediocre reception hasn’t kept up with the reality. That was the reality last day was just a sort of boring mid-range game. The world went to the point of discovery and did it accordingly. It didn’t fall for bright reviewers of conspiracy theories.

Garvin has moved away from Sony Bend Studio and is working with NFTs now.