Dead Island 2, showcase unveils Zombie Abilities, Pre-Order Bonuses

After years of hibernation, Dambuster Studios continues to show off Dead Island 2 as a result of the gradual rise in the production to August 28 23. The zombie killing RPG just recently had its own show showing, which starred more gameplay, and was released with pre-order bonuses. The trailer was the beefiest part, it was the most [of] it was.

Since years of hibernation, Dambuster Studios continued to show off Dead Island 2 from the start of April in the studio. The zombie kill-like RPG recently went viral, which opened the doors and revealed more gameplay as well as all the pre-order bonuses.

The trailer lent the worst of the game, and gave you a tour of Los Angeles street, beaches and eccentric citizens. It quickly picked up the melee weapons and weapons players that might be found around the town, and then hit into the zombie’s skills.

The showcase also had a quick trailer for its Amazon Game Control support which allows users to use control parts of the game with just their voice. For example, calling a zombie will attract their attention and naming a type of weapon will cycle to one that matches the description. It’ll only be in the Xbox One, the Xbox series X|S and the PC versions. There were signs that Amazon Game Control introduced an update to Dead Island 2 in August, and the update was on in all.

Finally, Dambuster revealed what players will get for pre-ordering the RPG and how fans can get more Dead Island merchandise. The man who buys it early won’t get Banoi War Club and Banoi Baseball Bat weapons. There’s even a resin figurine that Amy plays one of its playable characters, that is available separately on Deep Silvers for $19.99. The $49.99 Hell-A Edition is also back, which includes the season pass, an exclusive steelbook, a map of Venice Beach, one patch, two pins, six tarot cards, the Golden Weapons Pack and the Pulp Weapons Pack, which both contain a variety of weapons.