Doctor Who Christmas Specials’ are back in 2024

As of now, we have the promissive Christmas specials that will return to us all.

I’m a good girl. Doctor Who is missing during Christmas. This series, which is used to have specials during the holiday, has recently moved to other New Year’s-based specials, and as long as it was fun to have Doctor Who in the new year, it was nice to know that incoming (again) showrunner Russell T. Davies is planning on bringing back the holiday treat.

Most holiday specials were Christmas stories, followed by the typical Doctor Who rate. We’ve had some emotional moments, but everyone’s favorite, but the situation was odd when one holiday had a new episode. We have a wonderful view of this change in the next few years.

The first time I write Christmas specialat Christmas, said Davies in a interview with theDoctor Who Magazine’s number 585 (viaTVZone). For next year, there’s no doubt the 2023 script has been signed, so we’ll be making a long decision. The new one is for the end of year 2024.

Now no time soon, but at least we promise that the Christmas specials are returning to us all!

Among my favorite TV shows, some are nips.

One of the things I remember most about Christmas specials is running out of my grandparents basement (because that’s where the internet was) and trying to download this episode by Christmas so I could watch it with my brother. We’d stay up to watch that show because it was a show that we loved and it was very important to us.

My favourite Christmas specials are Matt Smith and the Christmas Carol, as well as The Time of the Doctor because he used one of the best regeneration monologues. After Christmas, my favorite doctor fell into Peter Capaldi (another of my favourite doctor), so I was excited and anxiously crying.

The real thing is that Christmas specials for Doctor Who are a recurring event. If not if it was a natural time to take her back, he is a serious call. For those who don’t complain about Doctor Who, why are these seasons so unpredictable? I think that giving us a little confidence on the show’s kind of thing.

It is not easy to do that with Davies as a good call, because he had some great examples of his achievements as a showrunner. Remember when David Tennant went on the Titanic (in space, of course) with Kylie Minogue? Because I am doing it!

I could see what Ncuti Gatwas specials bring to us, and again if it are a great time to be a Doctor Who fan, that we never stopped having so much Doctor Who to watch.

(image taken by BBC)