Dyschronia: Chronos reborn to release in VR2 with the first statement

MyDearest announced thatDYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate, the newest title of the Chrones series, will launch in PlayStation VR on February 22, 2023, the same day as the first of the new hardware. It’s available on Meta Quest 2 at the moment. There’s still a Nintendo Switch version.

The PS VR2 version will have both episodes available simultaneously, but a price for the title hasn’t been provided.

InDYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate player plays as Hal, a special superviser of Astrum Close. Astrum Close is a futuristic city where crime was eradicated. When the city’s founder was suddenly murdered, Hal took the step into justice and brought the suspect in the trial.

To help Hall remembers, by taking the name memory dui. This is where he will document evidence that will push the narrative forward. Everything could be an insight into this adventure. The game is free, as well as movement when compared to the environment.

I have always been fascinated by immersive and interactive storytelling experiences, said Ao Matsuoka, director of MyDearest. VR, unlike the previous games, is a great medium that is capable of mimicking a first-person experience in deep and natural ways. We wanted to create a VR game created for you. It takes a visual turn at the intersection of complex stellarism and mystery. The entire team presented so many ideas to the table so they would find it interesting. We hope you enjoyed Dyschronia – Chronos as alternatives.