Enjoy 20 Best Black Love Films on Netflix Now!

However, since a few films and television shows have been majority white casts, there have been re-establishment initiatives to show romantic African American movies. We all want to be seen as a little represented in the media because it mirrors the historical image of the world. 20 Best Black-Love Movies on Netflix To Stream Right Now Read More.

While most films and television shows have been majority white casts for years, there have been new and old initiatives to show romantic African American films. We all want to be represented in some way in the media, because it is mirroring the world and all the people living there. In this way, we can introduce different stories and backgrounds. Here we find the films like this, and do what we want to see. It’s definitely clear that we must encourage further representation, not to be forced in any way but rather pull the projects that have been delayed or even being prepared for the first time, stories that can represent a serious and lighthearted part of the spectrum. Here is our list of 20 best black love movies to stream right now!

Malcolm and Marie are all the same.

Malcolm and Marie are married.

This critically acclaimed movie was directed by Sam Levinson, who wrote and directed the immensely popular TV show Euphoria. This black and white movie has been seen in a night – after the film premiere. Malcolm is played by John D. Washington, a movie director, whose first film just premiered, and his wife, Zendaya, his wife. We follow his relationship dynamics all in one night and his rollercoaster of emotions is outraged to the audience. It’s a very vulnerable film that shows both good and bad feelings of a relationship.

What men want to buy?

What men want and what men need.

What Men Want is a single-media masterpiece by Taraji P. Henson. Her character, Ali, is a lawyer at the men-held firm. She’s excited and feels that the promotion is coming to her right, and ultimately she’s becoming a partner of the company. When friends reveal their own names, all changes. She is yet again disappointed and feels like her hard work isn’t noticed at the company. Ali decides to take matters in her own hands and goes to the witch, and for advice, she drinks a potion recommended by the witch. She seems to find out that when she hears the inner thoughts of men, it helps her go to the top.

In this movie, the mother is a passionate cook. Her daily life revolves around her son, whom she likes and believes he is the best thing she has ever accomplished, and so she raised her life and love him. One day the cooking competition announced that they were looking for amateur chefs with a very high proficiency, almost professional level. She doesn’t want to enter the competition because she is not proficient enough. Soon after that, her son tells her that he applied her to the competition because he believes in her.

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The other side of the corner of the street from Love.

Away from Love.

Micah is a single lawyer who has been in love for a few years. She has been dating with two girlfriends – whom she really started to love. Her daily life being mostly occupied with work kept her warm. After a while, both men admitted to her they wanted a relationship and they were in love. She was difficult to decide when she was not sure if she wanted to commit.

Eva deliver us from home.

Give us a drink from Eva.

Deliver Us From Eva is a movie that was released in 2003. Our main character, Ray is played by LL Cool J, and is then what his friends call the ultimate player. He doesn’t like to be settling down, he wants to go with different women, and he represents his friends as a god-like figure by virtue of that. It’s the reputation of the woman he wants to, but everything changes as well as relationships with Eva. At first, Ray was confused about why she wasn’t using his usual bait. After a long time, he realized hes developing feelings for her, and finds herself an attractive person and potential companion.

Think like a man.

Think like a man.

Think Like A Man is a romantic comedy starring Kevin Heart, Regina Hall, Taraji P. Henson, and Chris Brown. We follow two group of men and women who have a very different view of the dating world. Everything he’s playing for a classical game is covered with a guide for women by Steve Harvey. By the guide, the women begin to trick men who are just trying to get through with him, but later, they figure out what they are doing. This leads them to try and use their tactics against them.

Fatal Affair is a thriller that takes us on a wild ride that at first seems like a regular story about the relationship between two characters. Ellie is married to her husband for several years and they have a daughter together. As soon as she turned to her husband, she feared that she would lose contact. She says she doesn’t recognize him and what their relationship ought to be. This is also where she is reunited with her old friend David, where they go out for a drink and share old feelings. Ellie stops the affair just before it gets too far and plans to cut ties with David. She knew that she was an extremely fatal mistake.

You could scream a scream.

The location of a living occupied area is a must-have!

Resort to love is a new one!

This next film is very light, though it is similar to last. Resort To Love follows anaspiring singer Christina who decides to move to the Mauritius island resort and work there as a wedding and entertainment singer. Her engagement broke off a year ago, and she decided to focus on herself for a while. Then she realizes that her ex-fiancee is marrying on a similar island. She will have to sing at her wedding, but, of course, this has revived old wounds, and she doesn’t know exactly what to do at this point. She meets a local, who she love to spend time with, and if it grows up, he may be more than that.

That romantic comedy follows the wedding. When the divorce is settled, one and the other have to stay together for a single time. This constant battle for space makes for a true entertaining watch, because it really relates to its comedic strengths. The relationship between the husband and wife is shown as a rollercoaster of crazy and funny situations that we all watch unfold.

The Black Godfather was a black man.

Black Godfather is the black godfather.

We have had some fun turning off lighthearted romantic comedy movies and go to a very real-life story that is really inspirational. Clarence Avant is a music director, among others. In primarily his interest was to create new black artists in the United States. As many as 100 influential musicians and politicians came together to speak about his way of becoming the black godfather.

Catching Feeling is a romantic drama filled with excitement for the main character, Max. He and his wife have got issues and it’s spreading into their work life as well. Both of them meet an odd writer that entirely shakes up their view of life. This makes for a new interesting development for themselves, as individuals and as couples.



Deuces was released in 2017. In this movie, we follow the story of an criminal organization ring that does a horrible thing. We have several characters that lead this ring. We recognize how difficult it is to make a regulated empire. One of the leaders says they tried to get involved in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t know what they really do. Will it complicate their relationship, and if so, how?

Dineo had just broken off her two month deal with her and is now studying for her single life. Her best friend encourages her to go out and have fun, forget about her ex and try to move on. It’s very hard for Dineo because she feels like every time she starts to get comfortable in a relationship, it happens when it usually falls apart. Is she gonna give her credit for her ex?

Wedding day is an event for you.

The Wedding Party is a romantic comedy. It revolves around the wedding between two main characters, husband and wife. We find out this time that their families have differences that they really are not addressing. Between the two of them, they constantly sway, along mines. This leads to a stalemate. Will the wedding actually happen, or that families are too occupied fighting the wedding to observe that the wedding should eventually start?

When Love happens, it takes away the happiness.

When Love comes to fruition.

Mo is a young wedding planner that has always been happy with her career choices. Even so, it is very difficult for her to watch many other weddings happen without thinking of her own potential arrangement. He keeps asking his girlfriend when she sets her own date. She usually doesn’t know how to make it work. She decided to start dating online. How will that change for her?

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Holidays Calendar is a holiday calendar.

Holidays Calendar is for use on holidays.

Looking for a festive movie, come on. The romantic comedy that stars Kat Graham will leave you wanting more. This is a story of a young photographer named Abby that always wanted to keep her dreams of becoming a professional event and art photographer, but she wasn’t comfortable with her regular work. During the holiday season, one of her old friends returns to town, so they’re reunited. She tells him how she wants to have more opportunity to take photos, and an advent calendar, given to her by her grandfather, puts her desire in the sky. What’s going to happen next? Watch this movie.

Love destroys the Rhymes.

Love beats Rhymes.

This story is about a young aspiring rapper called Coco, who plays azealia Banks. We follow Cocos to his full potential as a singer and rapper. She met many different characters on the way to music. They tried to stop her on the way to music. She must overcome many obstacles to survive in a ruthless industry. Can you do that?

I walked the first time.

Everywhere is never smiling.

Violet Jones seems to be the best female in all senses; her life is very complex at first glance, too. When her boyfriend doesn’t propose to her, she aspires to tell him what’s wrong with him. Her hair and how she looks are a big part of her identity, despite her annoyance. Since she realizes that she has to let some of her old worries go and focus on herself for a change.

Love, Guaranteed, Guaranteed,

Love, Guaranteed.

Nick is the main character of the story. He has the choice to sue for having to give a quality relationship to a dating app company. Although they believe that their app does that, they won’t do that. He met a lawyer named Susan, who he hires for his case. They begin to study it and notice each other more. Eventually, Susan and Nick realize they may have quite a lot of things in common. Will they finally start talking, and Nick can win his case against the dating service?



Rob is supposed to get married to his fiance, Megan, but many things don’t go according to plan. It’s their wedding day, and Rob wakes up naked in a hotel elevator. It’s too late to bring her to the wedding, but she finds her clothes anywhere. He was trying to get to his wedding, but the police arrest him for public nudity. After he was sleeping, he wakes up the next day in the elevator again and he will finally see, the day starts going to shriek as he tries to marry her.