Free download two new games for free in the Epic Games Store

We're already Thursday, and now it's time to remind you that it's the day of the week when Epic Games offers us games. Gone is the magic, over the past few weeks we have had two free games every Thursday, and now we won't be less.

It’s time to remind you of what happens on a day like this in the mall the Epic Games Store offers us. Gone is the singular. Since we’ve played two free games every Thursday the past few weeks and tomorrow – but at 5 o’clock -, we can download two new titles completely free from the Epic store.

We remind you that you still have time to download two free games from last week, so even if you are in a discount period, you will have a few hours to get them. We take this opportunity to remind you that you have weekly offers from the Xbox store as well as many games and content to be relived for limited time.

Download the next two new games for free from the Epic Games store.

You’re president now. The Holy Ghost entered the White House, but the Earth’s mission was to save a range of superpowers and twisted weapons, the craziest open-world game of all time.

Wildcat Gun Machine is a zombie crawler game where you will combat animals with vast amounts of weapons and the mighty robots of hordes of evil beasts.

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