George RR Martin won the next Game of Thrones book: Only 500 pages have left

Meanwhile, fans of George RR Martins books Song of Ice and Fire have been adapted into the HBO Max series game of Thrones and house of the dragon are used to receiving little news about his progress on the next novel in the series which is 11 years overdue, The [] The [] [ [] of the [[world] and The []] is the third novel in the series that has been described as "the wolf of the world".

Since George RR Martins’ books Song of Ice and Fire have been adapted to the HBO Max series Game of Thrones, a little bit of a story is still on show for the second edition of The Winds of Winter. An episode of the Comedy Central series Stephen Colberts Tooning Out The News has the latest from Martin, who says he is a bit nervous about publishing the book and just has more than 400, 500, who is so far reading the book.

In this exclusive clip from the new episode of the show from Martins, which will air later The Daily News on December 7 at 11:00. EST, animated host Dr. Ike Bloom confronts Martin, calling him a battle Writers let me revise that, real pathetic who has trouble meeting deadlines. He says that James Patterson is a prolific crime author. He will help Martin get the job done faster.

Patterson first asked Martin how long his deadline is, and seems surprised to hear how long the book has been delayed. He suspects that Martin has to have writing constipation and advises him to change his writing methods to continue using a computer at the moment, while using the Wordstar application, on a second, because it won’t work.

Martin frequently said that he’s upset that fans and interviewers constantly nag him about his slow progress The Wind of Winter. He says that he’s not distracted at work while working on other HBO shows and projects. But here, he seems to be at least trying to impose his sense of humor on everything, but some awkward laughter when roasting. What he doesn’t discuss is why, like a friend of Patterson’s, he doesn’t break winter’s winds down in publications, since a book of 1,700 pages is hard to find. What happened? says Patterson. You split 1100 pages in three books You submit one book per year, your will be satisfied, and youre ready ahead of schedule! Martin smiles.

Stephen Colberts, Tooning Out The News is now in its third season. The full episodes are available on Paramount, Hulu and Comedy Central.