How can you create an avatar for WhatsApp?

One of the latest features that WhatsApp has added is fun: the ability to create a personalized avatar. I noticed one of them in Facebook Messenger and Apples iMessage (and FaceTime), but now you can make a cartoon portrait of yourself even if you use WhatsApp on your mobile phone. You could then use it.

One of the latest features that WhatsApp has added is fun: the ability to have a personalized avatar.

When you talk, you can also turn it over in chats for a moment of wonder.

You can create one here.

WhatsApp announced it will start rolling on December 7, 2022. This means that depending upon the moment you read this, you have probably not yet discovered any avatars on your device. You will find out from using the app, tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and selecting Settings. Under the Accounts option, you should see an Avatar section.


If you don’t have the Avatar section, go to your telephone app store and see whether WhatsApp has updates. The feature can be found now for all users.

How to create a avatar on WhatsApp?

Start the process.


As said above, go to Settings, then enter &gt, then tap the Powerpoint button.

Take your appearance up.


The first choice is to select the color of your avatar.

You should do your best to create your design.


You can make more of a fuss, with regards to hairstyle, face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, makeup. This is done by simply picking one of the squares that show the example on the main surface.

Choose your dress and your morphology.


With the final face and the hair finished, you could quickly change clothes. You have options on which to buy the right hearing aid, like headwear, and earrings.

Complete your avatar.


When you’re happy with your selections, tap the Save Changes option and your new avatar will be available in the Stickers section of your conversations. Of course you can come back to the Avatar section anytime to change your appearance. Just repeat these three steps.

Use your avatar.


Now, when you want to choose a social media avatar, tap emoji next to the keyboard in the bottom of the screen, choose the Sticker option. You can see your new image as such. Pick the one that best represents your emotion in the chat.

How do you set your avatar on your photo-shot?

Your avatar isn’t just for the chat, it is also for the profile picture. It’s easy, because you only need to go to Settings Tap your profile and choose Edit and Gt; Edit So choose Use avatar. Your friends will see your cartoon while you enter their chats.

Table of Contents.

  • How to create avatars on WhatsApp.
    • Start the process.
    • Choose your appearance.
    • See your features.
    • Choose your morphology and suit, and take care of your hair.
    • Write down your avatar.
    • Use your avatar for a moment!
  • How to make your avatar look your profile picture.