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Summary The new tanker, Ramattra will join the fight in Season Two Jump into the new Shambali Monastery map and enjoy the popular return maps including Rialto and Blizzard World Get ready to seasonal events like Winter Wonderland, Battle for Olympus and Lunar New Year Play as the new Ramattra tank and take the fight to [[] the new [Section 12], and join the fight to play [[[R]ohs.


  • Ramattra, the latest tank hero in Season 2, joins the combat in Season 2.
  • Jump into the new map of Shambali Monastery and take part in popular return maps, such as Rialto and Blizzard World, as well.
  • Get ready for holiday parties like winter adventure, Olympia, and Lunar New Year.

Play as the new tank of Ramattra and take the fight to Shambali Monastery. Ramattra believes that all omnics have the same future as his actual other heroes, and joins him as his latest villain. Ramattra can shape and playstyle completely in his core kit. First, for all people who are overwatching Panzerheld; and every moment is different with his ability and playstyle.

Visit the house of Zenyatta and Ramattra in the Shambali monastery, where the latest escort map is. Take a frenzied path, troddden by millions of omnics who seek sanctuary and challenge opponents with mastery skills.

Hero price rises to be met.

We’ve been working with the community together to keep the top three on winning the competition.

One thing that needs to be changed is the length of sojourns’ rail pistol. Most players do not have the same mechanical ability as the Sojourn players. We’ll encourage players to take advantage of Sojourn’s high mobility when it comes to severe close range hits.

One of the heroes, who has done a great job, is to die of zombies. While the core playstyle of his heroics remains the same, new updates will help Doomfist get the teams better support in front of the teams.

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Indie people love classic locations.

Only the player who enters the newest map, the Shambali monastery, can come back to a different setting by relocating to more different locations if he returns. Visit Rialto, the picturesque city of Rialto or enjoy the fun of Blizzard World, the world’s most epic place. Oasis and Nepal now have different times of day – and players can battle Hollywood and Watchpoint, while Gibraltar maps rotate.

New Greek Mythology Battle Pass and Battle for Olympus mode.

The following year’s story includes mythology and gods, among others. Play the Battle Pass or upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass to find some gimmick mythological rewards, such as the infamous Poseidon Ramattra, the legendary Hades Pharaoh, and the All-new Get Mythic Zeus Squire Queen skin. The mythical skin includes new weapons, weapon models, voice acting, and special effects.

God-like powers can be granted to a whole host of heroes in our new Battle for Olympus game. Take a short time event from January 5th to January 19th, and keep an eye on new skins that all season long that will give you an idea of what to expect.

Time limitations and shortfalls.

Prepare for three events at a limited time this season. Out of the Battle of the Mount Olympus, the classic Winter Wonderland and Lunar New Year’s movies return with seasonal rewards even more. You can earn new skins at every event by playing the game and by completing an event challenge. Get the epic Ice Queen Brigitte in Winter Wonderland, the legendary winged Victory Mercy in Battle for Mount Olympus, and the legendary Kachi Echo in Lunar New Year’s. The Lunar New Year runs from December 13 – January 4 yen, and can be seen from January 17 – February 1st yen!

Take up to ten times more points to the Season 2 Streamer: You’re watching the two Streamers, who enabled a Drop on Twitch. Look out for Ramttra skin, and many more Twitch drops this season.

We have released new features of hero challenges, which you can accept to Unlock heroes you haven’t yet earned. If you choose the heros challenge you want to unlock, you’ll be put on the practice area so you can learn to play hero and get to the bottom of all the other obstacles that you need to win over watch.

If you want faster ways of unlocking hero without participating in hero challenges, you can make it available online for instant access. For all control 1 owner, you can easily win the three new ones surveillance 2 Heroes Sojourn, Squire Queen, and Kiriko – with the single-in-one link to the game! The free hero bonus ends at the start of season three, so log in before this one starts.



Overwatch 2 is an ever-growing, free-to-play team-based action game, set in an optimistic future with every match being the ultimate 5v5 battlefield battle. Try with friends and take a breath in the old and imagined PvP experience: a squeaking liberty fighter, a groovy battlefield DJ or one of over 30 unique heroes at battle throughout the globe. 36 HEROES, 23 MAPS ET 6 GAME MODES Lead the charge, ambush enemies or help your alliés as one of these three different heroes. Explore and explore 23 futuristic maps that are inspired by real-world locations and master six unique game modes. SEASON TWO’S LIVE New heroes, maps and games are added every nine weeks in seasonal updates. Jump into Season 2 for a chance to unlock the latest hero, Ramattra, and 20 tiers of completely free rewards in the Battle Pass. Buy the Premium Battle Pass, to unlock more cosmetic rewards, including the All-new Mythic Zeus Junker Queen skin, a multitude of legendary skins, sprays, voices, weapon charms, etc. You must keep an cell phone number in your account, so you can play Overwatch.

Watchpoint: Watchbox.

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Get started with the overwatch 2, the watchpoint pack, the home base of your new gaming experience. The package has everything you need to start on the first day. The bundle also includes three in-game bundles: Season One, seven legendary skins, Five Epic Skins, 2000 Overwatch Coins, and Overwatch 2 player Icon. * Featuring the Season One Premium Battle Pass lets you unlock over 80 tiers of rewards including Mythic Cyber Demon Genji, Legendary Hinotori Kiriko and more. In addition to Season One Premium Battle Pass, you get instant access to Kiriko, Overwatchs newest hero!** Includes instant access to the Overwatch Legendary Edition. *Their items won’t be awarded to those who have bought the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack when Overwatch 2 launches. Actual dates may vary. **Season One Pass only applies to Season One and doesn’t allow access to future Battle Pass or seasonal/live content. Season 1 will be released in October 2022 alongside Overwatch II. For more information, visit A cell phone number needs to be connected to your account.

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  • Hero balance changes.
  • The classic places loved by fans are usually the best of these fans.
  • New Greek Mythology Battle Pass and Battle for Olympus mode.
  • Time and time limit is the time for events and the time outage.
  • Watchpoint Pack: Overwatch 2.