In NfS Unbound we can not switch off comic effects, but there is still a problem

When Need for Speed Unbound was announced, one thing caused discussion: The racing game relies on an attractive design that combines realistic cars with super-cool games with realistic animations. Several months later, the developers pointed out that it was possible to do without the effects when driving a car. When the end of the project is done, [] the []] is complete.

When Need for Speed Unbound was announced, one thing was specifically the cause of discussion: The racing game is built on a graphic style that combines realistic cars and environments with comic-like effects and characters.

They pointed out that it was difficult, and it was in progress. As for the final game, many fans have always sought this option in vain. I hope that if you don’t want to avoid the effects of each other, we’ll show you how to remove the majority of them.


Gameplay Trailers Show You can control the new look.

You reduce the impact while driving.

In what the developers wrote in a later tweet, you can’t get rid of all the effects, you always create smoke clouds and tracers: no one could’ve done it.

Hey guys, #NFSUnbound update from your son – Basic Tail Smoke and Trail Lights can’t be disabled, nothing else can be easily accessing the website!

Need for Speed (@Needforspeed) October 11, 2022. Twitter-Inhalte erlauben erlauben. Data-embed-type=”twitter” itemscope=”” itemtype=””>

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The various effects can be used for your vehicle and cannot be completely switched off on the menu.

But, after all, it’s a little easier to change the direction, rather than to a fundamental version of the driving effects, so don’t need to see further visual extravagances. Please follow this step.

  • Go to the garage and pick up a car.
  • Under style, navigate and take to the driving effects and then the tags.
  • Select one of the Cloaked tags there. The most out of the eye is probably normal, but more colours, too. In any case only standard effects can be achieved.

With the tag camouflaged, you are hardly surprising on the go.

If you are still disturbed by the slick sky and light stripes left, you’ll have the choice of playing from the front door or off the road. Then all the comic emulation remains hidden. To be a newbie, be careful that you can still see more about other vehicles in the races. Our videogame shows you how race looks – from the perspective of the spectator.


Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay: We’re doing a fast perfect race.

If the effects don’t bother you too much, but not yet sure if Unbound is really a good need for speed, you’d better read our review. Not only that Need for Speed is the racing game we want, it is due to its open nature, too. It gets more interesting with some skill.

Are you disapproved from the comic effect of the new needs for speed? Do you mind or love them?