In this episode, the sequel of the chapter 11 review shows how to fight without the Sword

Episode 11: Fran seems to be on the wrong track in the sword, but he does not want to fight the tricksters spider.

When we’re watching this episode, this is called a Sword, also known as The shitara ”, which we also watched while talking about – named Ken Deshita or – Fran has a hard time dealing with the trickster spider without his sword. But how did this episode go from the previous one? Let’s find out.

Episode 11: Replied as a sword.

Still From Reincarnated as a Sword.

It’s one of the most famous anime season, and has been seeing great new shows. This includesAspy: Twelve-Year Blood War,Chainsaw Man,Spy/Family, etc.

This is a great musician, aka Ken Deshitais, who was co-started by Shinji who worked with a renowned artist like the Fatman Brothers,The Last Night of Love (Thaw) and the numbing people of the same name for the two biggest films.

The opening song, Teni Shitara Ken deshita, is performed by the Akeboshi Rockets and Kishida Kyoudan, and Maon Kurosaki performs the end song calledmoreSTRONGLY.

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-Reincarnated as a sword, Episode 11 Contains Spoilers-

Episode 11 of a ‘Sword’ series, and recap-recap-what-is-a-sword lapse on one’s mind.

In this episode, we saw another example of the long relationship between Fran and Teacher. There were numerous rumors that Fran and Teacher got separated, and Fran fell in love with herself because she didn’t have any control. Now, on top of being fighting with the trickster spider, she’ll also have to protect her two adventurers from her loss.

Still From Reincarnated as a Sword.

From the group of C and D-class adventurers to the group, the situation is strained by the same. They form a group where Krad and others go in different directions and find the missing adventurers and Fran. Amanda’s husband and grandmother of two children, and she desperately wants her friend, and her children.

Seeing that there is no other option, Teacher summons a beast through his new skills and risks telling Amanda her secret. He talks about the Onyx Wolf, who is master of hardening out targets. But when he first comes back, he becomes unstable and sends the teacher flying.

Amanda even wants to cut it down, not knowing that she was the teacher who summoned this beast. Teachers had to interrupt and tell her that he was the sword used by Fran, and he asked for this beast to find him. To stabilize the beast, Amanda then suggests giving him a name, and teacher decides on Urushi.

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They begin their search when Fran fights for her life and even helps the other two victims to save themselves while being poisoned. At the moment, Fran was about to hit the trickster spider, and when the teacher was rushing, he injures it.

Still From Reincarnated as a word.

The tearful meeting between teacher and disciple is really going to make you think how special their bond is. Fran is indeed a strong sword, although even after her injuries she could protect her peers against whatever blow she had.

But it was a thing of interest that kept on happening in the end. When Amanda asked what the story was behind the talking sword, Fran agreed to tell her everything. Now one further person knows the secret of Teacher, and that is Amanda.


Since I liked this episode again, it strengthened my strength. She can easily beat the sword – and rescue others herself. As a fighter, Fran, and Amanda both became a personal person now because she doesn’t believe in any a person so much as she knows her secrets, as she does with Amanda. All in all, that was an excellent watch that kept you entertained till the end. You can watch the series onHIDIVE.

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