Insider says that Yuji Naka is likely to be given a suspended sentence

Former Sonic Team boss Yuji Naka has already been charged by the Special Investigation Departmentregarding insider trading in Japan. Yuji Naka and an old employee at Square Enix, were charged with another count of violating Japans Securities and Exchange Act. Mr. Naka is now accused of buying mobile data again for 20 000 shares.

Tom Kui Yuji Naka, former Sonic Team boss, has been charged again with inciting a Japanese intruder. Yuji Naka and another former employee of Square Enix were charged with another count of violating Japans Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Mr. Naka’s accusation is now being accused of buying the last twenty-two shares of mobile developer Ateam before they launched the iOS and Android game, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in 2021. Mr. Naka is in a previously accused conspiracy to sell a dragon game for iOS and Android that he has, on the occasion of a false conspiracy. A person with knowledge of that subject told Yahoo Japan that because it is a first offence and didn’t get rich from insider trading while working for Square Enix, Mr. Naka will probably be punished for a suspended sentence.

In case of Naka, since it is his first offence and that money is small, he will probably be penalized for a felony.

The source of the information is by Via, via Via.

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