Is the Beatles Worry? QAnon Is Moving, After Revising the Band, Good Is Getting Out Of a Bottle?

All that to say that the Beatles never hid their wokeness and now these morons are out here discovering that songs like Glass Onion and I Am The Walrus aren't just fun little diddies.

Few things in my life frustrate me as people suddenly realise the Beatles were woken because you just tell me you have no musical literacy and go. In fact, the band painted their political beliefs clearly on the wall in many of their songs and interviews, so if you realize that Paul McCartney wrote a whole song bashing Donald Trump, you’ll be on the other side.

The crowd of QAnon is discovering also that John Lennon was not so great (so still very vocal in his political beliefs that differ from their own), so you know that a shit show is all just simmering on the internet. The point is that this audience suddenly realized that the 4 men from Liverpool who wrote bops like I Want to Hold Your Hand and two of us, and Revolution and more are a group of guys who likely hated them and their belief systems.

The album is for The Last Day and Today and all of these pictures disappear with the point of the cover. It’s part of the larger story of the band, but the Beatles said that at the time it was their visual protest of the Vietnam War. And somehow those QAnon freaks have thought that’s a lie with Satan? The reality is that they probably think that something is something to do with abortion or killing kids and don’t understand what it means.

LeiHouse Of Horror IV (@leilaclaire) December 7-2022

The anti-woke journo (what does that even mean) who posted the album cover on Twitter said the Beatles were the first to popularize wokeism in the United States, and boy h boy do I have a few other news about hippies for her. My dad would have had time talking to him back in the 70s.

Imagine there isn’t any QAnon. If you try it, it’s easy.

When I get to learn about QAnon, I start to lose my brain cells. They are simply the worst of those who have shared knowledge on the subject. As a child I knew the Beatles were politically left. I knew they stood for justice and wanted to make sure their music and concerts could be ones that everyone could enjoy.

They were famously one of the first to ensure they weren’t segregated for their concerts. Their music fought against Vietnam war, and it fought for the rights of the oppressed, and the members who participated in that campaign possessed of their own very liberal opinions.

All this to say that the Beatles never hid their wokeness and now these bufoons are out here discovering that songs such as Glass Onion and I Am the Walrus are not just fun little ditties. So, if you don’t take anything else from this piece, you should know that: The Beatles have always been woken and if you’re just now suddenly realizing that, maybe it is time to begin looking after the music you are listening to and what it is trying to tell you.

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