Is Yachiru and Nozarashi the same in Bleach?

The young Yachiru Kusajihi, and he's quite a great shabby. He was the oldest of Kenpachis’s people who was the director of Shinigami women's association. She was a small girl who loved Kenpachi very much and was always friendly to help or cheer him on. She Are Yachiru and Nozarashi the same in Bleach? Read More

The small and extremely likable Yachiru Kusajihi was nicknamed Kenpachis Lieutenant and was the president of Shinigami Womens Association. She was a hugely loved-looking woman, but always was always in his way to aid him or cheer him on. She was one of the few people who really understood the depth of Kenpachis persona in Bleach. And while most people think that it’s a comic relief, Yachiru is actually still unanswered from Bleach, and it is still unclear whether he was a true slew of Kenyans, or he would not always make it to a single woman, who disappeared mysteriously. In this article, we’ll try to answer these dilemmas.

Today we can’t tell if Yachiru Kusajishi was actually Kenpachis Znyuto (Nozarashi) or a completely separate character. Yachiru Kusajisji mysteriously disappeared at the same time when Kenpachi unlocked his bankai, and later confirmed that she was actually gone. The theory hasn’t been confirmed yet but Kubo did not reveal anything to do that, so you can’t know it.

The rest of the article is going to be divided into three distinct sections. First, we’ll introduce Yachiru Kusajishi to explain her disappearance. We won’t bring you her whole story. The second is looking at Kenpachis Zanpakuto’s peculiarities, and the third will finally tell you all that we know about the main question of the article are Yachiru and Nozarashi the same. The article is going to have many spoilers, so please prepare.

Who is Yachiru Kusajishi in Bleach?

Yachiru Kusajishi was the Lieutenant of the 11th Division of the Gotei 13 under Captain Kenpachi Zaraki until his mysterious disappearance. As one sees, Yachiru is very childlike in many aspects. She is so happy, focused, and full of activities. She clings the most to her left shoulder. She can be, however, also very intimidating, especially when she is upset. As like Kenpachi, she’s no one’s going to be told any direction, but because Kenpachi is dependent on her direction, it’s always difficult for them to get to their destination without help.

Yachiru feels sorry for any kind of criticism and likes to be victimized by anyone who criticizes her. The other point that shows his childish nature is that she loves giving people nicknames.

When Kenpachi went to Seireitei and killed his previous 11th division captain to become the present one, Yachiru became a Shinigami. Before Kenpachi discovered Yachirus, nothing was known about life. She had no name but herself in North Rukongai in Kusajishi. She probably came back there after passing away in the real world. She would not survive if Kenpachi hadn’t found her and taken her.

Her childlike appearance is not obscene, but it is certainly as bloodthirsty as Kenpachi – as she does always see, even if she does not fight herself. Kenpachi, who was no longer known himself, named her after the only person he could have treasured. He made his case for himself and her name in the Rukongai district, from which they came. Since then, Yachirus lived a long life devoted to Kenpachi, as she said that even after his fight against Ichigo, she was speaking with him.

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In the second Wallenreich invasion, Yachiru is hiding under the co-worker’s bed by Isane Kotetsu, where that latter is treating injured soldiers, including the two captains Kensei Muguruma and Rojuro Otoribashi. Between those of Yachiru and the surrounding building, they collected supplies and beds to the wounded, according to Isane.

Shortly after that the Sternritter V, Guenael Lee, appears; Yachiru is punching his face. The Quincy uses his ability a lot of times and disappears from the consciousness of his opponents, but Yachiru still manages to attack him out of sheer instinct. Guenael is frustrated by the ineffectiveness of his powers on her, and try to fight against her. But Yachiru evades and threatens Guenael in the face with her unleashed Zanpakuto, Sanpo Kenju.

Just before the Quincy can start the counterattack, Gremmy Thoumeaux appears, who kills the fantasy creature Guenael that he created summarily. He easily deflects Yachirus attack, then uses his energy to transform her bones into cookies, and incapacitate her. At the time of the war, Kenpachi appears, who opposes Gremmy in the battle. As the discussion progresses, Kenpachi can get the Sternritters attention, making Yachirus bone damaged.

She can return to Isane at the request of the Captain. When Kenpachi unleashes his Zanpakuto to stop Gremmy’s meteorite, Yachiru recalls the first time the two met. After the battle ends, she appears to have disappeared, leaving behind her shinigami uniform and Lieutenants badge. Yachiru reappears because Kenpachi suffered severe injuries while fighting Gerard Valkyrie. She asks Kenpachi why he’s down and said it is ridiculous of him not to understand it yet. In conclusion, Yachiru seems to give Kenpachi the power of the Bankais.

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Nozarashi, explaining the pronunciation of Kenpachis Zanpakuto

Many long years ago, he thought that Kenpachi would never hear the name of his Zanpakuto and could have access to full powers. However, in the Quincy War, Kenpachi managed to find out the name of the Sanpakuto Nozarashi name and used it to help the Shinigami defeat the invaders.

As soon as that proved true, Kenpachi could hear his Zanpakutos voice, despite the discord between Zaraki and his blade, he said. Zangetsu claimed that this was their cause of their continuing injury. Because of the lack of harmony, Nozarashi lacks very little spiritual strength, which makes it vulnerable to injury and yielded a sword with many notches in its extension and noticeable wear at its edge.

Nozarashi, despite his outward appearance, is capable of cutting through the whole thing with ease and is an exceptionally powerful blade. Zaraki used it to break up Zanpakuto and later used it to easily split a building by releasing his spiritual force. Later when Kenpachi defeated Retsu Unohana in battle and unleashed his real strength, he finally heard his sword in the voice of his hand.

Before Kenpachi discovered his identity, the Soul Society thought that nozarashi was in its free state constantly because of Zarakis immense spiritual strength, mostly because of their intricate design. Nozarashi has a great attack strength, due to its free position. He is capable of destroying the meteorite with a single blow. Zarakis slash strength has also improved, pierced by his adversaries and even space itself.

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But in the present, despite the lack of awareness, the spirit of Kenpachis Zanpakuto is clearly unknown. There is no doubt that Yachiru, who has a special connection to Kenpachis Zanpakuto, has a gloomy case, so as to remember that at the point of awakening his Shikai, and tore up before his slumbering, seems to be inscribed to all who know him. Before the beginning it was thought of, The Nozarashis Zanpakuto Spirit appeared in the form of Yachiru Kusajshi (this is something we’re going to discuss in the next section). To be a point, the Lieutenant said that if Kenpachi would just use her (Yachiru) as intended, nobody would survive that he wouldn’t have been able to cut. But the exact nature of the relationship isn’t known yet.

Is Yachiru and Nozarashi both of the same in Bleach?

Now that you have the full background, we can finally answer the questions that plagued the Bleach fans over over a decade. Tite Kubo, of course, hasn’t given us a definitive answer to this question, so we have to inform you that, unfortunately, we do have no official canon answer to this question but all the evidence indicates that one theory is true, despite some discrepancies along the way. Kubo wouldn’t really leave a plot hole in the story, so we think he doesn’t do that as much as enjoys fans debating and doesn’t want to reveal the answer, but the answer’s almost certainly there.

There are only two theories in the question posed. Either Yachiru Kusajishi is a manifest of Kenpachis Nozarashi, or she’s not. Let’s explore the ideas.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that Yachiru is nozarashi. Okay, you might argue the names are different, but we saw bigger shocks in Bleach than this. She seemed apparent, because Kenpachi was fighting. She had no name, and ended up falling in love with Kenpachi, despite being a murderer of bloodthirsty crime; her nofra and had no fear for him, but she put his chin in and protected her. Later, we see that Yachiru follows Kenpachi wherever she goes, and although she was very childish, she seems somewhat different, more serious, when Kenpachi is fighting in an unsafe or serious fight.

First, the manga never really spurred Yachirus, because she was perceived as Kenpachis Lieutenant and no more. Sure, there were scenes that we could’ve interpreted retrospectively as hints, but when the story was first published, nobody really suspected this. I learned that theory was invented only in the Quincy War. Only after Kenpachi realised that his blade was a blade. Zangetsu remarked that Kenpachi was discorded with his sword, that would make sense in Yachirus, as he imagined she a baby girl he needed to protect but the true source of his powers was not.

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Those who manifest a manifesting Zanpakuto ear is no ordinary sensation, especially if we think about the anime-only arc, and tend to take on different shapes and sizes. Remember Renjis and Ichigos in the Zanpakuto Spirit. This would mean that Yachiru being such a manifestation certainly wouldn’t be strange, let alone impossible. He was at Kenpachi all the time, she cared for him and praised him, wanting him to become stronger along the way.

When Kenpachi activated his Shikai, Yachiru suddenly disappeared with only her uniform and badge. She thought it was the end for her, but when Kenpachi was knocked down by Gerard Valkyrie, it seemed that she appeared once again. At that moment, nozarashi began to manifest himself in front of Kenpachi, to name a few more than Yachiru Kusajishi. Now, it may just be a coincidence, and for the Zanpakuto Spirits manifest differently, but this seems too far-fetched and too large of a coincidence to make it true.

Nozarashi didn’t see any difference. We had the idea that Zanpakuto Spirits could change their shape as they wanted, so he couldn’t have chosen to make Yachiru on this occasion simply because it was the best he thought. Nozarashi can’t even look like Yachiru. This would be, in the case that nozarashi is the same type of character, as there are two identical characters in the series, which wouldn’t really make sense knowing that Kubos canon works have lore, or that nozarashi is the same type of thing, which makes a lot more sense in being concerned with all the facts.

Still, there’s possibility that Yachiru and Nozarashi aren’t the same people. This would make sense in the context that no hits had been given to the contrary in the initial appearance of Yachirus, but could cause many story problems and plot flaws. One of the facts the gurus of this theory keep highlighting is that Yachiru has his own Zanpakuto, completely different from Kenpachis and that she has his own Shikai, completely different from Kenpachis, and that’s what we’ve never seen in a Zanpakuto spirit. This can be explained by that Yachirus Shikai is not a real Shikai, he is only a power that she has. Unfortunately, Kubo didn’t confirm it to us, so we don’t know for sure. As for any explanation, this could be possible.

The issue with the theory that Yachiru and Nozarashi are not the same is that it creates an enormous plot hole, in which Yachiru simply vanishing has no explanation whatsoever; and no reason, it doesn’t make sense from a plot-wise perspective. This doesn’t explain the reason why Yachiru appeared in the morning just before Kenpachi activated his Bankai and why he said what she said that evening. It wouldn’t have meant that Nozarashi and Yachiru looks exactly the same.

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And that is why we really think that Yachiru was, since the beginning, a manifestation of Kenpachis Zanpakuto. You must understand that Yachiru was named by Kenpachi because he didn’t know her name, like he didn’t know that Zanpakuto was named. When he heard Nozarashi calling out to him, Yachiru lost his purpose, and retreated to the sword and became one with it. Sooner she realized the power of Kenpachi to activate his Bankai. All this makes sense and is well-written in the sense that we saw such and similar plot elements throughout the story. Because Kubo does not confirm that or even give a different explanation, we can only speculate, but we think we aren’t far from the truth with the theory.