Jacques Ciron, voice Alfred and Grippe-Sou are dead

After the voices of Batman and Robin disappeared, Batous butler Alfred went silent. Jacques Ciron died at 94. An actor known as the 'dark clown' in cinema is known for his role, too. I'm hard to believe, but on the same day, a second actor from Batman had left us. Jacques Ciron escaped. Jacques has [] a [silver] face.

After the voices of Batman and Robin, the batous butler Alfred remained silent. Jacques Ciron died aged 94. An actor known for his role as the scariest clown in cinemas.

Although it is hard to believe, two actors in the Batman universe have left us in the same day. Jacques Ciron left.

Jacques Ciron (Batman, It) is dead.

That’s a series that is so bad. We learned about the death of Georges Caudron, the irreplaceable French voice of Fox Mulder and, of course, David Ducbhovny on The X-Files. A comic who has been close to the Dark Knight since the 90s, and starred as Robin in the films that he played in the 90s, is a very close relative of his family.

The sad list comes up because of the death of Jacques Ciron in 1994. The butler Alfreds’ voice doubled in Batman: The Animated Series, but also in live-action movies like Batman, Batman The Challenge, Batman The Dead War or Batman and Robin. The film “William Gough” was directed by Alfred.

Video of a dubbing session for the Batman.

Jacques Ciron will have marked our thoughts, and interpreted with a precise accuracy Grippe-Sou, the evil clown who comes from Ca / Il who eats children. He was, among other things, a total recall from the famous Golden Eye.

Then Kevin Conroy quit the Batman Arkham comic books and games last month.