Jennifer Lawrence has been haters Predictably Ignore the important point she made To Dunk on her

When a woman claims women were constantly told that they were able to relate to male leads, but men can't seem to do the same with female leads and that's what we should focus on.

Jennifer Lawrence has a well-respected relationship with the public throughout her career. She became loved, was hated, and now it’s time to come back to people loving heras like many female stars do. Because of that trend, it seems that people don’t like actresses to just do it and then realize how messed up it is years later.

Lawrence was doing Actors and Viola Davis, and he talked about the role of female-led action movies, why she liked seeing films such as The Woman King and how far women went towards female leads. Many online have focused on the fact that Lawrence was a bad person: She told me that she was the first one to get a woman in the action movie before The Hunger Games. This is a very bad thing. But he got used to a big question that was ignored to stop her from choking.

I remember when I was doing Hunger Games, said Lawrence. I would tell you that women would be foolish if they didn’t go to an action movie. When it came to sex, the girls could both identify with male lead, but boys cannot identify with female lead. And it just makes me really happy every time I see a movie come out that only blows through the biggest myths, and proves that it’s just a lie to let certain people out of the film. To keep certain people in the same position that they have always been.

It’s not true that anybody put a woman in an action movie before Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games. It is absolutely true that Hollywood had and influenced women’s action movies because of this ridiculous belief that they identified with whom.

Franklin Leonard (@franklinleonard) December 7 – 2022

Female leads must appeal to men constantly.

Another thing I will say about Ellen Ripley (who many often discussed at Lawrence’s first point) is that she was created by men and thought to make fun of her designs. That’s not to say that diminishes Ripley or Sigourney Weaver. I just said that Ripley is what many could call an palatable female lead in an action movie.

All I saw online, I saw a female character in which it was written by a man who meant I could hold on to these female characters as the worst of all? Lawrence’s word is fine, but she’s not wrong with audiences being interacting with such characters, but is also familiar with the common wisdom of who is capable of doing what kind of movie you, regardless of the exception.

What was so interesting about Katniss (who was created by Suzanne Collins) was the fact that she was the lead of an entire series, and yet she wasn’t perfect by any means but at the time, she was, from the squeak to the arc, a lead in an action film that would be her story. I’ll have to put together the character that Ripley would play, and also some scenes like catwoman with Halle Berr to turn them into a lead that the male audience was never interested in, and female audience was never the priority.

Yes, he was wrong. We all benefited. Katniss Everdeen was not the first female action star. So far, that was not true with the fact that women were constantly told that men could relate to female leads, but men can’t seem to do that with female leads, and that’s what we should focus on.

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