Let’s finally come the new novelty we have demanded for years now

Airplanes are an extremely useful and annoying functions of our mobile. When we activate, our mobile locks all communications, and then, all of those communications are all closed. The device will not take over on the phone. This device will use the phone as a model of the original Galaxy Pixel (like the Mayor).

The airplane mode is one of our most useful technologies and is also a very annoying one. When we activate it, our mobile closes all the communications, and by this I mean all the communication.

Google updaters a la familia Pixel con la mayorer de las aos lavanderias.

The device will be completely isolated, and most situations are very rare. For example, when the pilot of our flight asks us to turn off our mobile and not use it for a reason that is not disrupting the aircraft’s communications. It was the original utility, and that’s where the name Airplane Mode comes from.

You change a plane mode.

To my mind, over the years, this original usefulness has been lost. Consequently, airplane mode won’t be mandatory in the EU, since all new airplanes will have 5G antennas. And many airlines have WiFi connectivity, so they can stay connected to the internet without coverage.

In that sense, an airplane-like mode that shuts all communications is not so useful, and it can be annoying when we can’t change things. Fortunately, the function seems to be evolving. Using Android 11, it’s already possible to use Bluetooth in the airplane mode, so as to avoid loss the connection to our headphones for example.

With Airplane Mode, mobile will allow you to turn on WiFi.


And today there’s another similar novelty. Google now allows you to turn on the WiFi with the power of an airplane, so we can use an airplane connection without getting to unlock the wireless connection. It helps us to close the mobile connection while keeping the internet on WiFi.

According to Google, when we use airplane mode, the use of WiFi and Bluetooth will be disabled. To keep the active of the user, we can modify the configuration, but to allow him to close them and stay active.

If the mobile is unable to use the airplane mode, the phone will remember this phone the next time it will activate WiFi.

The bad news is that at the moment, this novelty seems exclusive to Pixel mobiles, albeit as part of an update to iOS 13. It is not the first time that Google has given its mobiles a new advantage. We will be seeing more and more in the future. I don’t know what time and how that novelty will come to the rest of Android phones.

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