Listen to Billie Piper on the reign’s podcast with Josh Smith

In this weeks podcast episode of Reign with Josh Smith, Smith talks to Billie Piper in the first and second seasons of the revival of Doctor Who. Smith and Piper sit down to discuss dancing, her show I Hate Suzie, teenage stardom and more. Billie will join us today to [] bring him back to the studio in support of [] a single date.

In this week’s podcast, Reign with Josh Smith, Smith talks with Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler, the Doctor’s companion in the two season-two reincarnations.

Today, Billie joins us to speak about being a horny dancer (so far as this! ). And how much anxiety and mental health in I Hate Suzie have been damaging her own well being. Billie was referring to how seeing her son grow up brought her closer to her teenage years’ youthful stardom and suggested that she would go back and give her popstar self back. She also shares lots of great words in regards to balance and pressure, what I think we all need to hear and know, and how we are beginning to see a new level of confidence becoming 40 this year.

Piper stars in I Hate Suzie’s second season that she co-wrote with Lucy Prebble. She recently returned to the fan-favourite role of Rose Tyler in the second volume of Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon.

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