Look like a dragon: ebbs: Ishin!Announces Photo Mode; Drinking Competitions & Chicken Racing Minigame Teased

In the latest issue of Famitsu, new details were given about the new Sega-published and RGG Studio-developed, Ishin.

Photo Mode has been confirmed as a title. With over 40 filtering and 200 stickers that fans can place on any images they capture. Likewise, Bacchus from Yakuza 0 will appear as Satou. While this issue was previously shown in promotional material, the fact that he was an informant and able to find all the sorts of alcohol that he could find is that he was in the same age. Tatsu ajakuza 0 from shown, although her role isn’t as evident.

Besides, a lot of minigames were shown, such as fishing, Karaoke, traditional Japanese dancing, Drinking Contests, Udon Shop Helper, Chicken Racing contests, and more.

Thanks to the teams who translated these information.

If you like any cropped screenshots depicting these minigames, you can view it in our gallery below.

Like a dragon: Ishin!is the missing chapter of the series and is coming west. In 1860s Kyo, a solemn samurai warrior fight for justice grew up in a different state. Take your sword and join the revolution in this escapaded historical adventure.

Games have high-powered gameplay with access to several weapons and combat styles, including Swordsman, Gunman, Wild Dancer and Brawler. An optional in-game glossary puts contextual and historical resources into the content and meaning of like a dragon: Ishin. More importantly, this entry aims to expand upon its Japanese-exclusive predecessor 2014 with localization support, all-new content, exquisitely remastered graphics, and modern platforms in Unreal Engine 4.

Like a boy: Ishin! is going to be hitting PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC via Steam on February 21.

If you get confused by the new name scheme,sega has clarified that the Yakuza series will be called Like a Dragon in the foreseeable future.

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