Paramount+ No subscription only for January for a cheap subscription made in Germany

Paramount+ is finally available in Germany. If you want to subscribe to series like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, you can still buy it at a particularly reasonable price until January 2023. There were two major events in Paramount+: The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Credit: Paramount+) Paramount+ started in Germany []


Sunday 22nd December 2022 at 8 p.m.

Paramount+, the latest streaming service, finally available in Germany. It is possible to subscribe to the home of series like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds at an affordable price until January 2023.

Another highlight of Paramount+: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Credit: Paramount+)

  • Paramount+ started in Germany one day before the announcement of the release.
  • The new streaming service offers a variety of new and old films and series.
  • You can save 20 dollars on a subscription from the start.

at Paramount, remove the discounted subscription from $7.99 per month.


All German film and movie fans finally have the chance to use the Netflix service Paramount+ in the US. It was quite early on when the stream offering started in Germany, as it wasn’t supposed to open its doors in Germany until December 8, 2022, but nobody will complain about it for sure.

Paramount+ subscription is $7.99, but if you don’t take out a subscription at a price less than 59,90, this means more than 5 dollars a month, you can always take out an annual subscription until January 8, 2023.

If you want to give a year’s worth of money, you can get in here easily. Compared to the monthly subscription, the daily subscription costs 79,90 euros.

The monthly subscription allows you to test Paramount+ for 7 days free, to take the chance to get a glimpse of the offer. Of course, Sky customers who also use Paramount+ free of charge through Sky Cinema can be particularly satisfied.

The highlights of the first month of Paramount+ include Top Gun: Maverick, 2022 mega-blockbuster that can be streamed January 22nd. The science fiction fans shouldn’t miss Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There’s something for everyone here, but whether Paramount+ will prevail against the competitive competition will only be seen in a few months.

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