Raw Fury vs. Call of the Sea, Signifier, and Per Aspera vs. 2-Metal Quest

Raw Fury had the opportunity to review three new releases in Meta Quest 2 for the last time.

The publisher announced a new trailer for Call of the Sea VR that highlights gameplay from the new immersive version of the game. Moreover, they announced that The Signifier and Per Apera will receive a VR version on Meta Quest 2.

Call of the Sea VR will return in 2023 on Meta Quest 2. The title was released in 2020 in the 1930s and is now in the 1930s. Players can take control of Norah, who lives on a beach as soon as she can rescue her lost husband. This will generally be the same version as the game released on the console, but this time in VR.

Signifier was released in October 2020. Players examine the mystery of the future where they move freely between real or objective thought and subjective feelings. By using these clues, players create murder-solving puzzles.

Per Aspera is a simulation that plays terraform Mars. This game was released on PC in December 2020 and features a rich narrative: the talented artists of Troy Baker, Phil LaMarr, Laila Berzins, Yong Yea, Linsey Murrell and Nneka Okoye.

See you on the VR versions of these titles.

If you don’t catch up, check out the review for Call of the Sea, The Signifier and Per Aspera.

In the picture below you can watch the new call of the sea VR trailer.