Report: The White Adam and Hawkmans Spin-off In the Work

Black Adam may not have been a big success at the box office, but a recent report from Deadline says this film will never fail and even spawn more films. In this report, Deadline spoke to Joe Singer, a producer and filmmaker of films. He stated that any claims that []a [s] will happen that [s] [] a [s]r] producer and financier, would exist.

As for the first time, Black Adam might not have been a huge success at the box office, but a recent report from Deadline suggests that film won’t be a failure and will even be spawning more movies.

In the report, Deadline spoke to Joe Singer, the producer and the financier of a movie. He stated that any claim that Black Adam will lose money is false, and it could be considered disappointing since it had Dwayne Johnson in a movie DC. However, the picture won’t pass too much. It will throw away some money.

Singer talks about the future of Black Adam, how setting up sequels will be a good way to keep the franchise sustainable in the long-term, as well as to keep it on winning. To that end, Deadline noted in a partially closed section of the report that a direct sequel to Black Adam is in development as well as an movie directed by Aldis Hodges Hawkman.

All of that, including the B+ CinemaScore, is good enough to become a franchise starter (read the first Captain America made $370M WW), with Black Adam 2 and a Hawkeye [sic] spinoff being mapped out by Johnson’s Seven Bucks. Note, the franchise will gain a snoop after newly installed DC heads Peter Safran and James Gunn unveil their plans early next year, read the section of the report, which has since been removed without any editors notice explaining why.

Black Adam stars Dwayne Johnson in the role of Teth-Adam or the titular anti-hero, who first started playing life on the street during 2019sShazam. These characters re-release the real action before starring in upcoming TV or films likeYoung Justice.

Johnson is the addition of Pierce Brosnan as the doctor of Fate, Noah Centineoas Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindellas Cyclone, and Aldis Hodge as the Hawkman. Others for the cast are Sarah Shahi, Marwan Kenzari, James Cusati-Moyer, Bodhi Sabongui, Mo Amer and Uli Latukefu.