Secondly, the sequel to the first PlayStation VR movie, Book II will be part of the initial catalog of PlayStation VR 2

One of the most important launches, which will take place next year, is PlayStation VR2, Sony's new virtual reality smartphone for PS5. There are already some videogames to accompany the glasses from day one, which should add two more. Moss and Moss: Book II. The [sold] student [sold] is in a new light.

That of PlayStation VR2, Sonys new VR-based device for PS5 is one of the most important launches will ever happen next year. The video game, now in a new release, will accompany the glasses from day one to day 2, and two more to a new one. Moss and Moss: Book II.

The saga developed by Polyarc will complete with the device on February 22, 2023. So, you can get one of the two of them in the PlayStation online store and save a 20% discount.

Doug Burton, designer of Polyarc, wanted to talk about the impact of these two titles in PlayStation VR2 and how they will have these improvements.

Since learning about the PlayStation VR2 software and developing it earlier this year, we’ve been experimenting with its new technological features and transforming our strategy into a more immersive world.

Moreover, the team was able to integrate more visual details to each character and the environments in which they gave them better lighting and textures, which makes them more impressive on PlayStation VR2.

Apart from being more refined, they will also enjoy their sound control, their haptic vibration and their adaptive triggers, so they’ll feel a lot more harmful and more likely using weapons. In addition to that, they will use eye tracking when solving the puzzles and at all times, the image will be seen at 90 fps in 4K.