Some Actors Who Should Kill This as Delirium in The Sandman Season 2 are currently killing it

Who could play Delirium in a way that captures the charm, humor and subtle pathos that make her so great? From emerging actors to Hollywood darlings, these performers would spin a unique style of character in season 2.

At Comic-Con Experience 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Neil Gaiman talked fans with their delight at what they are expecting in the Sandman season 2 especially in terms of Delirium, Morpheuss sister and the youngest member of The Endless. During season 2, we’ll see a lot of things coming for you. We have more members of the endless coming, including the youngest of the endingless. Don’t tell anybody but its Delirium. Butterfly, balloons, magic, chicken, or ice cream with telephoned flavor. It’s coming to you.

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My favorite character is The Sandman, but maybe she’s a couple of years old. When a comic novel was written for a while, Delirium was once “Delight”, but soon she became “the living embodiment of madness” and chaos. If its the best comic book persona does, it’ll be difficult to get her right in the live-action adaptation. The characters found on the pages are twee and vapid on screen. Who could play Delirium in a way that takes in the weirdness, the humor and the subtle pathos that make him so wonderful?

If I were a castress with a budget of more than a million dollars, here are some actors I could go with. Many of them are still emerging and some are Hollywood darlings. They all played an interesting role in the character. Here are my Delirium-TVs.


To do this, you can catch Bamber as Dove (somewhere called Willow) in Disney’s Wilderness series. Dove is a sweet-natured but naive kitchenmaid who turns out to be on a crazy adventure, and has learned something about her identity that changes everything. I bet that Bamber can capture both Deliriums current and her past life as Delight.


Harland plays the oddball Orla McCool in Derry Girls. Though it isn’t particularly kind to her (at that point, the sister of Michael describes her as subnormal), it’s always clear that she should be considered to be her subject. Remember that great dance scene in season three? The scene had Delirium written around it.


Her breakout role was in Everything at once, in which she plays the multiverse-hopping villain Jobu Tupaki. She perfectly nailed her role, conveying a young girl with all the possible reality: her mind got dispersed. Hsu is a popular delicacy fan, who we’re using on Twitter and Twitter.

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When I saw the likes of the Green Knight and Willow, I fell into love with Kellyman first. For example, Kellymans quiet attitude puts her attention into weight, rather than contemplative presence in the character, as she talks in riddles and takes telephone ice cream.


Sink is definitely an absolute fool. Her love for writing in Stranger Things tells me that Max is best known for his famous portrayal. Sink could give a tough edge to Delirium. This would keep her from being too etherealbut also allow her to make Delirium so lovable in the comics.


I first saw Stenberg as Rue in The Hunger Games, and they continued their career with role-playing films such as The Hate U Give. Stenberg has a sweetness that would give Delirium some splendid depth.

Anya Taylor-Joy gets you.

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To get an Alister like Taylor-Joy to do another Netflix series, but I’m not a fan-cast list. That means that I can do whatever I want. After seeing her in roles like Thomasin in The Witch, Beth Harmon in The Queens Gambit, and Olga in The Northman, I think that she’ll turn Delirium out of the park.


Watson made his debut as Theo in the game of the book The Chilling of the Sabrina. I loved the ill-effect of Theos in Sabrina and believe they can bring that quality to Delirium while she navigates eternity while living as if her older siblings are imposing.



Like Anyonea Taylor-Joy, that’s probably a pipe dream, but you can see it, right? Zendaya is composed of circa 170% charisma and is an astonishing actress. Just imagine what she could do with a character like Delirium.

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