Street Fighter 6 YV 2023 Release date & editions Leaked on PSN 2 April 2023

Neoxon recently noticed new information regarding the upcoming Street Fighter 6 at Capcom via the titles page. Most variants are available at the standard, the supermod, and the superuniversity editions, just as the games release date is June 2, 2023. Alternate outfit colors, stickers, special titles, character passes and ultimate passes are in the above.

If that happens, it would be best if Street Fighter 6 shared a new trailer and confirm its release date in Game Awards tomorrow. Because that is a leak, it is prudent to not treat it as true until Capcom checks its contents.

The game’s key art has also surfaced. Thanks, Wario64, for sharing this.

Please refer to any of Street Fighter 6s released editions and key art – click here.

Street Fighter 6 is coming up in 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. That title is based on the RE Engine, which translates into impressive graphics.

  • Open the window window.
  • The number of people who have created a roster has been leaked.
  • Rollback Netcode & Crossplay have been confirmed.
  • Guile has been officially confirmed for the title recently on the latest State of Play version, with his general moveset listed and discussed.
  • Kimberly & Juri Announcement; Screenshots & Info & More.
  • Ken, dhalsim, E. Honda & Blanka, Crossplay Closed Beta Test October 2022; New Trailer & Screenshots: New Trailer & Screenshots: E.
  • World Tour Mode. Open Movie, TGS Special Program VOD.
  • The second closed version of the second testing announced.

A VR mode is also promised, giving new life to the series that doesn’t incorporate. Moreover, the classic control type returns alongside the current or new option, the modern control type, which lets players jump straight into action with automated inputs.