The 10 Best Dylan Dog Games Everybody Should Read

If you like horror comics like me, look no further than Dylan Dog. It's the Italian horror comics series published in 1986 by the writer Sergio Bonelli and started by Tiziano Sclavi. It follows Dylan Dog, an ex-cop-turned-paranormal investigator. 10 Best Dylan Dog Comics Everybody Needs To Read More Read More

If you like horror horror as I do, then look no further than Dylan Dog. It is the Italian horror comics series that was published by Sergio Bonelli in 1986 and was originally created by the writer Tiziano Sclavi. It follows Dylan Dog, a former cop-turned-paranormal investigator whose work deals with supernatural threats as well as vampires, zombies and demons.

He tries sociopaths, serial killers, lunatics and more realistic threats, but he’s also a beautiful guy. Dylan Dog was one of the most popular European comics ever, but it wasn’t as popular overseas. Since issues have become more and more translated into English, then it’s time to start exploring new and exciting things.

If you want to make the move, I promise that you’ll be absolutely blown away. If you’re already a fan, I’d highly recommend reading the issues from this list. Here is the list of ten best Dylan Dog comics that you must absolutely read. The list’s not ranked but rather chronologically ordered.

Honorable Mention: The Dylan Dog Case Files.

Although the series was created in Italy and published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, Dark Horse Comics is now responsible for translating and publishing the French version of Dylan Dog since 1999. One of their books is entitled The Dylan Dog Case Files, and its all-encompassing, the Dylan Dog comic books are available in English.

This book is a cool black-and-white edition with a cover of 680 pages that includes a few of the best Dylan Dog questions. Many of them have popped up on this list.

If you’re new to the ‘Boy Dog’ and or your English speaker, I highly recommend that you start an exploratory book series with The Dylan Dog Case Files.

Dylan Dog #18: LAlba dei Morti Viventi (1986)

The Dead Dawn is a story.

Ignoring that first issue of Dylan Dog, it’s just a must read subject to the preceding article: Whenever you decide to read the series, you just have to read it. It’s the thing that hooked me instantly on the Dylan Dog issue. Now you learn all the tangibles of who Dylan is and what the whole series is about.

Both black and white and the rest of the series are included, with only a few fully coloured issues ever going to be published. And though the comic is Italian, most of the plots are in England.

The issue introduces us to Dylan as a researcher who approached a woman named Sybil Browning. Sybil was accused of murdering his husband, James. But Sybil claimed that he was already dead, then that she then killed James again.

Through this mysterious investigation, Dylan and his assistant, Groucho, have been taken to a laboratory of a guy known as Xabaras, who turns out to be Dylan’s father. He developed a virus that turns a person into a zombie or the undead.

The issue ends with Bob breaking free after Xabaras gave him a prison sentence and he blows up the lab’s vicious scientists and sends zombies back underground.

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Dylan Dog #19: Memorie dallinvisibile, 1987)

This title translates into the occurrence of an invisible man.

The invisible man writes in his diary, as long as a blood-soaked night never stops in London. One of the killers is targeting prostitutes all over the city. One of them turns to Dylan Dog and ask him for help. The investigator finds out the perpetrator may not be as easy to spot as he imagined.

Is she a man or a monster? The dead body of Dylan Dog continues in the cold, rainy night. Meanwhile, Dylan receives his first love interest in the series, starting a long and important affair for him.

Dylan Dog No.25: Morgana (1988)

I guess I am a name. That is all Dylan Dogs love interest. Morgana is a man from a nexus. She died to reach out to our world. She’s from a place of death and nightmares, so she lives a lot longer and she’s gone!

I didn’t tell you much, do you? I don’t know what it said in this particular issue, but it is important for my side to get the new franchise forward. It was always one of my favorite topics of the day that I wrote that I like Tiziano sclavi. Angelo Stano was a fantastic artist.

Dylan Dog 66: Partita con la morte (1992)

It’s the title of the novel that plays as it becomes, “match with death”.

Synopsis: You can play, but you can’t hardly win. Nobody beats Death and nobody cheats Death as much as Harvey. Burton should be dead, but instead he plays chess against Death with his soul on the line. Every move kills people inside Deaths realm.

Dylan Dog can follow the moves and has no idea how to stop them. As the game progresses, he realizes the game might be less fair. And Death is probably not the one who’s doing the cheating.

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Dylan Dog Number74: Il lungo addio (1992)

Long goodbye to me.

Synopsis: This was possibly one of the heartbreaking issues of Dylan Dog in terms of his love life and finances. The issue 98 pages brings back mellow, painful memories, in which he reflects on his own deep love, Marina Kimball.

Yes, he is here. Dylan Dog has to remember the slurant summer, in which they shared all of their memories he had left and became the long-tidest of long memories. Dylan wonders whether things could’ve turned out differently, but what do these things look like? All it takes is to know the facts when you read the book.

I have a copy in English, Italian, and Croatian, now at home.

John Freak, 81, Dylan Dog #81, 1993.

This is one of the things you can find in the Dylan Dog Case Files book that was reproduced in English in 1999 by Dark Horse Comics. And I’m warning you, it’s probably hard to read it. This is just as outrageous as any other Dylan Dog issue ever written.

Johnny is one, leaving alone in a cellar, in the darkness, where he paints the walls with frescoes, residing in the horror of solitude. Johnny is deaf, hat no legs, and is asleep down there all alone. The dark and lonely Dylan Dog empathizes with the boy and seeks to find out who could do that for him. He is there for the story a man has never told before.

Dylan Dog – 100: The storia of the Dylan Dog (1995)

The story of Dylan Dog has been translated.

Synopsis: Dylan Dog #100 was a jubilar issue that was celebrated by having the issue fully colored first, rather than going black and white as usual. As it may, the title tells a story of Dylan Dog, or even more accurately, his origin as an anonymous investigator.

We see the memories of his past coming back to Dylan, and the vibrant colors just add a bit more to the puzzle. That issue is perfect for Dylan Dog fans as well as new readers as it dives deep into the character and the person he is, the real thing.

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Dylan Dog #121: Finche morte non separi (1996).

Can you get involved?

This was the second edition of the classic Dylan Dog that is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the comic books. It’s a beautiful but shocking and heartbreaking matter, leading us into the backlash from time to time when Dylan Dog had a wife.

Since the comics were at the tenth anniversary of the comics, he was married in Ireland to a woman named Lillie, and with the issue a year ago, his anniversary was not forgotten. Lillie came off with her spirit, for forever wishing for freedom, dreaming of a better life, ultimately convinced her into war.

Dylan Dog nfr.228: Oltre quella porta (2005).

The title of the translation is shifted to that door.

Synopsis: This is the newest issue of this list, and may not be considered a Dylan Dog classic. Even though I don’t like it much, I have read it probably seven or eight times, too.

This book was written by Paola Barbato, and it isn’t about fighting a demon or vampire, but rather a pure hideout. It isn’t about fighting at all. It’s not about waiting anymore. Dylan Dog sits in the waiting room for the hospital to hear that he will survive.

The horror of this topic isnt psychopaths, nor supernatural force, so it is impossible to do anything but sit and wait for any sort of one’s fate completely out of your hands. Perhaps the story is so close to home for me, but I recommend you highly, it can be as hard as I could, I tell you.

Dylan Dog (2017). Mater Dolorosa.

A translator’s title: Dolorosa, Mama.

But last but not least, this particular issue is closely connected to an earlier issue called “Morbi” and is not in a category. Mater Dolorosa is released again for the thirtieth anniversary of Dylan Dog.

Dylan Dog realized that once again he suffered from a mysterious disease. He then suddenly died of the disease. As for the illness, Mama Morbi, the mother of a disease, is back and is looking for revenge. To survive, Dylan must learn from his past and present, and find himself again, and lose its disease.