The best mobile printing machines

The number of photographs that we take on our mobile or in the cloud is very convenient, and since everything has become digital, the number of shots have multiplied. With the cameras, we used to measure what we were doing. Now we repeat different shots from different angles, and we...

In the past, the number of pictures that we take on our mobile or cloud is pretty smart, practical and economical, since all the photos have become digital, so many are multiplying. With the lens of films, we used to measure what we were doing, and then repeated pictures in various angles again, and we take pictures of everything we have in the frame. Including everything we eat on the street. First.

Even in the case of a decoration or offering a gift, we might want old-fashioned photos printed. They are images of a paper that is intended for use in the frame, on the fridge door or in our wallet. To be for this, you need a printer. Here, we will recommend those we consider the best photo printers for your company. You should take it, they have portable parts.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer.

Let’s start this compilation by discussing the alternative that Xiaomi puts before us in terms of mobile printers. This is the Mi portable photoprinter and i thinks that it’s very compact and able to print photos of seven x five centimeters. According to Xiaomi itself, a portable printer can print an image within 45 seconds.

Printing paper packs aren’t so cheap as we have about 23 dollars for 20 papers. There are 20 printed photographs. At a cost of almost a hundred dollars per photo plus an ink refill, you can refill the printer. The printer weighs 181 grams and we send them to you via Bluetooth. This is a great option for you.

Xiaomi TEJ4018GL Mini 300 DPI / 5500mAh.

Polaroid iPhone printer for the first time.

We come to Polaroid, one of the most important in the world of portable printing. The classic brand has its Hi-Print, a portable printer that works fine for mobile phones, so it can send photos via Bluetooth, and also connects to WiFi via NFC. As in the case of Xiaomi, we talk about 23 inch photographs, or 7,6 x 5 centimeters.

The printer is a little bigger than Xiaomi, and weighs 255 grams, although its sheets are far cheaper, since the pack of twenty sheets cost only 14 dollars. What a great alternative. Even if it’s so fast, the print can be done in 30 seconds. If we want a model of that kind, please consider to buy a printer.

USB Sticks, with the iPhone and iPod touch in white 9046.

Again, a printing story like HP is entering mobile printers. It also works with the HP Sprocket, which was also one of the pioneers of this new (not so much anymore) format. The connectivity it offers us is only the type of Bluetooth, but back in return we have somewhat bigger impressions than the competition because we reach 2.3 inches x 3,4 inches. Approximately 5.8 x 8.7 centimeters.

The Paper is the halfway between the options discussed before, a cost of 14,99 dollars for 20 sheets, but in terms of price, the Sprocket, with the 181 grams of weight, is the most expensive we’ve discussed, since it sells for more than 100 dollars. Of course, I hope the good work of HP is a priority, but I also want to evaluate the future market for the best alternative.

HP Sprocket 3:3 x 3:3 Portable Instant Photo Printer, Print images on ZINK Sticky Paper from your iOS and Android devices, White.