The Elden Rings Colosseum Mode Update is currently live

Elden Ring has just begun seeing a few updates in February. FromSoftware has released a new 1.08 update which adds new PvP Colosseums and some more hairstyles. These arenas are located in Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell, and each has [] [] each of them has [] [] [[d] [[] any [] [[right]].

While Elden Ring has seen several changes since its launch in February, it has gotten its biggest update yet. FromSoftware released a new version of 1.08. This includes some new PvP Colosseums, and a few more hairstyles.

These arenas are situated in Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell, but each has different regulations. The one in Limgrave has two modes: United Combat and Combat Ordeal. It’s a bit like the end of the match, since two teams fight timed battles and have good luck with each other. The team with more points has won. Combat Ordeal is a free-for-all version of the same.

Leyndell features Duel Mode where two players face off each other and cant respawn. The Caelid arena has three modes, but combatants can summon Spirit Ashes during fights. They’ve all come up with different rules, namely Spirit Ashes and Flasks. Players can set the number of Tarnished who can enter the ring by group passwords to party or take one another on and then use group passwords to steal items or steal the prizes.

Although the Colosseums make up the majority of the upgrade, this patch also added five new hairstyles and several other changes to the balance, as seen in the official notes. The new clothes can be fitted with the mirror in the Roundtable Hold.

The Colosseum is also not a complete surprise because a modder found them in the game shortly after the launch. The datamined arenas in the video are the same as the one in the 1.08 update. This early video also shows that the house in Leyndell has a slightly different interior than the house in the 1.08 patch.

Some argue that the big free add-on is a precursor to an effective expansion announcement at The Game Awards on December 8. When Geoff Keighleys Summer Games Fest debuted Elden Ring Game in 2021, no announcement was made for the 2022 awards show.