The Enemy in Shadow Season 10: Off The Sacred Land: Reflections from the Sacred Land!

The Eminence of shadow episode 10 Review: After a letter from Alpha, Cid is able to take a journey to the sacred land of Lindwurm.

The highly-awaited 10th episode of The Eminence in Shadow is here and it did a good job of giving a superb remark. This series already has action, comedy and more. Let’s get in the review so fast.

The Eminence of the Shadow Episode 10 Overview.

At its essence in the shadow, we have all the courage to stay alive.

This show generated a lot of hype after its release. And the credit surely goes to good animation, a relative male lead and a bunch of gorgeous anime girls who are sure to start waifu wars.

The anime is directed by Nakanishi Kazuya, who also works withRe:Zero kara Hajimeru,Trinity Seven,Strike the Blood,etc. The Nexus studio is handling the animation, which is despite being very famous for its nature, and is delivering a satisfactory result now.

I tried to keep that review as good as possible, but some elements that I had to mention were just not enough to give feedback.

The Shadow-Stop (2009) contains Spoilers.

The Empire in Shadow Episode 10 and Recap claim victory over Nature.

Today’s episode wasn’t intense on action, nor did we see the characters fighting for hordes of Cult of Diablos members. It was a great season, but it still became one of the most delightful and funniest episodes of this season.

The episode starts when Cid gets a letter from Alpha saying he will have to move to the sacred Land of Lindwurm to settle some old accounts. To advance the history of this city or to learn more about the mission, we were given an ample dose of fanservice.

Despite The Power of the Wind, I would still be in the shadow.

Yes, all the episodes are packed with fun stories of his own characters and oppai and oshiri (bubbles and butts) jokes. If it be a big competition between Epsilon and Beta or Princess Iris or Alexia who is going to the Gammas store and buys thongs, Ill say this show delivered ecchi with comedy.

But it isn’t all, and on discovering that Cid is fine, Rose Oriana gets to be more and more enamoured with him and even trips with him to Lindwurm. When they go on this journey, they discuss the city’s history and the terrible occurrence of the Goddess’s trial.

This trial is linked to one of the world’s most famous religions, The Divine Teachings. She prayed to the goddess Beatrix and it was said that she once gave a legendary power to the heroes of the world.They then had the opportunity to marry princesses from different kingdoms and it is why Rose, who is better at Cid than him, could get married with him as if they managed to pass the trial.

Cid certainly only focuses on the history bit, so he doesn’t give any interest in her love confession and just wants to make her join the religion. Like a kid, after he reached Lindwurm, Cid finds out that Beta is a famous writer.

Still from the Eminence in Shadow.

And not just that, the novels that Cid told her all the time seem to resemble a novel like Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, One Piece of the story. Their stories are great because she disliked literature. I never thought she’d make a fortune when she wiped her tales off from point to point.

Just like the time he was disappointed in the fact that Gamma could have utilised his ideas, so that he was disappointed to have Beta to do the same.


I really liked this episode, perhaps more than the other one, as it’s actually pretty much accomplished.

Yes, it is inevitable that these anime do not promote very original ideas, and it’s playing outside a typical isekai harem genre. For this kind of reason, it’s pretty entertaining; sometimes you need that kind of guilt. Watch this anime on netflix.