The headphones for Dysons Air-Purifying Zone will be released in 2023

In a world with air pollution, Dyson Zone headphones are available in a way that has the ability to deliver high-quality audio experiences, not only in delivering a quality sound experience, but also in the ability to clear the air around you, that also makes you easy to breathe. The concept was first discussed earlier this year, but we now have more [] of which more has been taken.

Dyson Zone headphones offer the ability to provide a high-quality audio experience, but also the ability to get a clear air system without a worry. Those headphones allow you to breathe in the face of the air pollution.

This concept was first discussed earlier this year, but now we can get some information from the upcoming hybrid headphones, along with our first thought at the price and release date.

Since the concrete design of the Zone Earbuds and the accompanying visor will take some time getting used to it looks a little bane-esque, the benefits of the Zone Earbuds aren’t easy to hide on.

The cans work by using tiny motors created in each earbud to save the air from the environment. It’s made easier to extract dust (and even covid-19 particles), which makes it cleaner.

Tom William Chapman and Dyson / Tom William Chapman / Dyson.

This purified air was then poured into your mouth and nose as a bubble of clean air, with a mesh finish that feels more like a light breeze than a direct airflow in my limited experience with the cans so far anyway.

To see my first impressions of the Dyson Zone, read more by hand, if you are interested.

This is not a basic pair of headphones with air purifying technology. Dyson spent the whole semester learning about the audio market to deliver a premium audio experience that could stand out to the best cans in the industry in 2022.

The Dyson Zone concept sounds simple, but it’s nothing but a challenge. Dyson engineers spent six years developing the concept. It’s quite challenging to keep the motors under your feet to be audible, because the entire project was done with some research and development.


Indeed, Dyson confirmed today that the company said it had a delayed initial fall 2022 release window in March.

With the updated schedule, Dyson was able to make a number of changes in the design and performance of the cans, which is due for release sometime in January 2023 in China, following the release in the United States, the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia in March 2023, in a full year after the revelation.

The company has also confirmed its prices for upcoming cans for first time. While not as large as some estimates, the Dyson Zone headphones will start at 749 and come in three color options; Satin Silver/Ultra Blue, Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper, which are only available from Dyson Direct. US pricing hasn’t yet been confirmed.

If you are interested, you can register your interest in the Dyson Zone headphones already!

Tom William Chapman / Dyson / John Dyson.

With its 749 RRP, the Zone headphones are cheaply than the most premium consumer headphones on the market, with the 379 Sony WH-1000XM5 half the price and Apples 549 AirPods Max at 200 less. However, the combination of built-in air purifying technology and high-end audio performance makes it a tempting choice for some.

This company also revealed the details of the new cans, which include the use of Bluetooth 5.0, a battery life of 50 hours, without air purification technology, and a three-hour charge time.

The battery life is not cheap, but it is worth noting that Dyson claims that usage time drops to about four hours each time the headphones and purification technology are used together.

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