The Marriage App Ends Explained: Why Are Belen and Federico Using The Marriage App?

Welcome to Ending For The Marriage App, a new romantic comedy from Argentina that came out on Netflix this week. This film follows the conventions of the genre and adds a twist to the dating app boom to create a service that looks like a service that seems like a service. The Marriage App, which I say, has been explained: Why Are Belen and Federico using the Marriage App? Read More

Welcome to The Marriage App, the new novel written by Argentina that’ll be on Netflix this week. The movie is in style and uses the dating apps to introduce the whole life, creating an app that seems interesting but completely terrifying. The film is directed by Sebastian De Caro and stars Luisana Lolipato and Juan Minujin. The film tells the story of an Argentinian couple, Benedin and Federico. Their friendship and ties are difficult. They try to fix their marriage with a new app called Equilibrium.

The plot for The Marriage app turns out to be completely crazy. The characters are constantly constantly being abused. This is great, but there’s definitely the need to do here to bring that plot back to life. When you are taking this comedy off, you must definitely read about them, even if you are the one who has something to say, like relationships and how we treat each other together. Whatever the individual and the couple want will always be hard to achieve.

The Worst Betrayals Come From The One Near You.

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Why are Belen and Federico using the Marriage App?

The film starts with the introduction of one of the main characters: Belen and Federico. We depart right before they meet. All that happened in a collision when Federico crashes against Belens’ and detaches one of his doors from the vehicle. Federico apologizes and says everything will be fine. To avoid this, he also asks Belen on a date. She believes that she’s joking. But she always asks for a date. We get ahead in time, and we see Federico and Belen are married and have two kids.

Belen owns a little toy shop, and Federico is a dentist. It’s revealed that Federicos real passion for cooking is to cook, and he and his friends formed a group of cooks selected for Mexico competition. Federico says to his friends that he’ll tell Belen about the competition, but he is interrupted by how soon he is informed that they need to go on a date with another couple. There, they realize that the boring couple that they knew no longer exists. They seem to be very jealous in their place now.

The couple shares their happiness with a new app called Equilibrium. Belen and Federico meet and are in the meeting. They explained the importance of Equilibrium and the location of the meeting. The app converts every action they make into miles they can exchange for a price like trips and other things. If someone does something to make the other happy, they earn miles. If they do something that hurts or makes the other unhappy, they lose points.

Belen and Federico accept the proposal and accept the app. They transform from a loving couple into a very touchy and horny couple. They always do what they do and are doing. Federico wants to win miles, so he can pay for the trip with them to Mexico. He didn’t tell Belen any more about it, now she believes she’d get angry and say that she was only thinking about himself. When he sees that he doesn’t have the money to buy his ticket, he cannot win enough miles in time for the trip.

How does Marriage Matter from Belen to Federico?

The way the kids behave in Belen and Federicos are disgusting. They feel that their affection is completely fake. They do it just for miles. Federico asks Belen what she wants to say to her. She explained that she likes to get away from the house a trip. They have to do it, so things look good. It looks like this app has actually enabled them to appreciate each other and bring them to the relationship. Federico is about to talk to him about the trip to Mexico. However, he’s already interrupted.

Federico awakes and receives an invitation from his friends about how everything will be prepared for the trip. Belen doesn’t sleep; she listened to the message. She knows about the trip now, and she is mad because Federico didn’t tell her. Belen is hurried and she plans on getting her revenge. She knows that Federico saves miles for a trip to Mexico. This is a possible threesome that her friends recruit to join at once.

Federico wakes up the next morning, and believes he had three more sleepless last night. Despite that, something is wrong. He’s losing miles, many of them. Belen explained to him that she has been winning miles because she made one of her fantasies a reality, and he now needs another woman to stand behind her. Federico can’t believe that he fell into the trap and plans a trip to the nearest city to get his miles back. They pretend to rob Belen so Federico could come and rescue him. It works, and Federico is on the move.

In the Equilibrium party, the robbers come close to the best of the year, but Belen discovers that he’s a Federico’s friend. He says the threesome have never happened and that he’s just been drugged with an alcoholic beverage. Federico tries to apologize, but it’s already over, and they are separate. Federico opened his own restaurant several times later, and the children are better. After remarrying with Belen in the end, he realizes he has grown up, and they are beginning to establish with strangers before starting their relationship with real ones.