The new Rundown feature is coming back for the first time

10 Chambers brings back a fan favorite in the co-op horror shooter GTFO: Rundown 2.0 Infection. This time, the campaign should remain consistent. Swedish developers listen to fans' requests and are bringing back the popular Rundown 2.0 Infection campaign in the co-op horror shooter GTFO. That rundown was previously available []

10 Chambers brings back one fan favorite in the co-op horror film GTFO: Rundown 2.0 Infection. This time, the corresponding campaign has to remain permanently available.

Swedish developers listen to fans’ requests and come back regularly the popular Rundown 2.0 Infection campaign in the co-op horror shooting GTFO. It was first rundown after the game was published.

In a multiplayer shooter designed for teamwork, a group of four prisoners will take on the mysterious task of the Warden. GTFO uses Rundowns. These are regular game updates with limited-time adventures consisting of maps, scenarios, enemies and more that completely replace the previous rundown.

During Rundown 2.0 infection’s release, the GTFO is now taking a different approach. All previous Rundowns since early access launched in December 2018 will be rejoined into the game. Once this step is complete, over 80 expeditions will be included in the game.

Robin Bjorkell of 10 Chambers said at the opening: Rundown 2.0 Infection is considered a cult classic in the GTFO community, which many of the actual gamers haven’t experienced yet. It is why it is great to have Rundown 2.0 as a permanent expansion for us. With this approach, we will be extending the process to replace all of GTFOs previous Rundowns with a new generation of improvements and changes as long as we forget the previous, so no new expansions in these three months will be done to complete the total of 26 Playable Expeditions’ content a total of six can still grow into 2023.

The prisoners have a’subject’ infection that includes the rehabilitation of the newly formed Hydro-State Unit (HSU) and a strange process, such as remorse, as well as a process of stealing things a bit from the new technology. On the way, prisoners can find ways to know the truth about the world out of the nightmarish underground where the GTFOs nightmarish ruins live.

GTFO Rundown 7.0 Rise Gameplay Trailer.

The horror co-op shooter GTFO returns with Rundown 7.0.