These games are confirmed and the ones we want to see

Not 10 or 20. Geoff Keighleyhead of the Game Awards 2022, went with everything and promised what will come in the future for over 50 ads. After the last big video games gala, there are new previews of 2023, new content for those already [] with.

Ten, 20. Geoff Keighleyhead of the Games Awards 2022, went with everything and promised to see more than 50 ads related to video games during the last great video game gala of the year, which includes new previews of the most anticipated titles of 2023, new content for those already available and, of course, announcements and surprises.

Do you have more than 50 reasons to wait for the Game Award this year? Now, both Keighley and some of the involved have already confirmed their attendance and gave clues to what we could see in the two and a half hours of the award ceremony.

The Games Awards 2022 will be held early morning from 8 to 9 at 02:00. (Spanish Peninsular time). We’ll be in the front row of a big-bye, but also as part of our special coverage, we have set up all the video games and projects that, in some way or another, we know will appear between the pre-gala and the stellar nighttime.

After all, January is the date of traditions. Now it’s time to read the entire story and share all our favorites. It will be cold, of course. Without further notice these video games have confirmed their presence during the game’s 2022 ceremony.

We’re making a living for a good cause. Practically, they assure that they’ll offer big news during the games. We have the image above that you see, and they have summoned us to the opening of the ceremony. We don’t know if that’ll be a trap of the evil impostor on duty, but curiosity gets better of us.

Flight 2, Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Bungie has begun heating the atmosphere for the new stage of Destiny 2. We know that during the game Awards, there will be a new trailer that can only be seen on the website. Of course, the game will be coming soon. Lightfall will arrive on February 28th, 2023.

Whatever Kojima is up to, it’s no secret.

Hideo Kojima has released clues, names and symbols for more weeks than expected, but he’s reluctant to name his new game. Maybe it’s about the sequel to Death Stranding, the project with Microsoft, or that there’s a new podcast available. It might be that during the Game Awards partridge gets somewhat dizzy.

In any case, they started to take steps that hasn’t missed any Geoff Keighley event, in which he’s always given a surprise, he has been taking walks for a few days very close of the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and, in fact, there’s a little more to come. Suppose you, he will have something to be able to seen that there is an event there in a direction.

Final Fantasy 16, 2016.

Naoki Yoshida, The Producer of Final Fantasy 16 will be at the ceremony and be promoted to the television show. What are you going to see? This is a question.

The Final Fantasy saga will be released through 2023, in addition to some musical works, but Square Enix did not help but look at the launch of FF7 Rebirth. Using Yoshida’s new work, it’s time to set a date for our trip to Valisthea.

Amazing fantasy is one of our own or together with other players against colossal creatures. Wild Hearts wants to eat the food of Monster Hunters toast, and EA and Koei Tecmo will both take advantage of the context of Game Awards to mark the distances and gain strength from their alternative to Capcom.

With the eyes of the world, we’re sure that there’ll be a new Kemono, a huge wild beast. The date of the release is February 16 on PC, PS5 and Xbox S x / S.

At Baldurs Gate 3 – please.

Baldurs Gate 3 was available on PC and Stadia since October 2020 in Early Access, so it’s still playable, but technically not yet out. Since the presence was already announced at the Game Awards, he will probably put a date on the final version or it will be a surprise other than the announcement. Is the game ready for the stadias event?

Sky will perform a very special concert.

the game company and the artist AURORA will host a concert, which Sky players will play at the Games Awards. In fact, it is a free event, an event that everyone is formally invited.

Jedi: Survivor of Star Wars!

Despite the good work, we’ll see the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game at the Game Awards. Despite the fact that it’s not surprising, it’s hard to understand what is shown on the surface. Laser sword duels, exotic planets and that touch of Respawn are key ingredients that always like, very well cooked.

The mystery – the upcoming 5th and 6th of the games.

On the first day of December 505 Games shared a very unique teaser ahead of the Games, which will take place in the end of the year to honor the enigmatic saga. With its many traces, there is no sign of the fact that the QR code is used to check this area and find a reference for “cookie” in Oak City. They have few new experiences, but they haven’t been able to provide more progress. Of course, Geoff Keighley knows something about this.

What we know about Diablo 4 is.

It is not something that has been officially announced, it will be first known. I’m assuming that, from the end of November. Although the official report doesn’t tell us to read the story a few hours before the gala, a progress has already been made on the same day. If I watched what you were seeing, then we can wait a little longer. If I receive the double ration of advertising, then we should wait another moment. If the flute sounds, we can even open the game a date.

The case of Dead Space is curious: the announcement was announced in mid-November that an extended and exclusive game film will be announced via IMAX December 8th. What we can’t know about is that footage will only be seen in movie theaters, where the 2022 Game Awards will be broadcast or show it during the ceremony itself. The movie will come out on Windows and DS 7 on January 27th.

Did you expect news of the next Tekken? Bandai namco confirmed we will be able to see more about the new fight novel at the Games Awards. Katsuhiro Harada has been limited to saying that we’re there and that he’s not allowed to ask him questions on Twitter.

We saw the official presentation of the game that consisted of spectacular combat and the name of the official leader. We hope to see new fighters, and we cross our fingers for a date.

Capcom has some money in the hands of its employees.

What show capcom was amazing! We know that Monster Hunter Rise will be released in January and not long after that he will be deploying his power with the remake of “Resident Evil 4”.

Shouldn’t we like another series or movie like “The Red Fire”. Let’s go after the saga with the end of the day!

Airship Syndicate will surprise you with an air flight syndicate.

At first it is possible that the name of the Airship Syndicate does not tell you much, but they are responsible for Battle Chasers, Darksiders: Genesis y Ruined King: A League of Legends. Since history is so good, it’s important to take it into account.

And more importantly, they overtake us that what they will show interest us, that It’s going to be his best game to date. and small advances have been offered here over there. For the part that touches us we’ll take them with their word.

The five games we want to see at the Games Awards 2022 are the first to be in the series to take off the bonus phase.

The photos we shared we knew we were going to see at that ceremony. Now it’s time to get further ahead and hope to imagine what we would like in reality in the face of 2023, which already looks like a historic year.

Super-car 6 – Theft.

Rockstar has jumped the hare ahead of time with his next big game, and was far from perfect for the first time. It’s time to get the property presentations.


Microsoft has lots of great games on the horizon. From the next forza to Redfall through the arrival of Age of Empires and the likes of the Xbox. It might be too early to reveal Fable or Avowed. While Starfields release has been delayed for so long, a good help of gameplay wouldn’t hurt.

return of bloodborne blood to all of the animals.

How did you start FromSoftware? PlayStation Studios has focused on re-releasing its best games on PS5 and PC but its making a big deal out of what fans would like to buy again at full price: the remake de Bloodborne. And even better, if it’s a sequel.

There is a game where everybody biting their nails: Hogwarts Legacy, a wide-world RPG based on Harry Potter. It’s also known as this poem to the magical world that never came to us as children.

The legend of Yelda: The ruins of the nation, the ashes of the land.

There are tons of great games we are eagerly anticipating in 2023. The Legend of the Land of Zelda: The tyre of the Roman Empire is on another level. We know Reggie Fils-Aime will perform at the Games Awards, so well let’s put this to a Our Body ready.

Table of Contents.

  • Destiny 2-lightfall (lightfall) is now at work.
  • What Kojima does, everything is all there.
  • Final Fantasy 16:23-28.
  • Salamah; two-door ruins.
  • Sky will offer a very special concert.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
  • The strange 505 games and the epic games are a mystery.
  • What is our knowledge about the Alessandro 4?
  • Capcom has something on its own.
  • Airship Syndicate will give a surprise.
  • The five games we want to see for the Games Award of 2022 are the bonus phase.
  • Theft. auto 6 is the Grand Theft.
  • Starfield
  • a blood-borne disease return.
  • The Zelda Legend: The Kingdom’s dark and light.