Tony Elementary Recap: Season 2 Episode 9 Sick Day!

This week at Abbott Elementary, one of the Avas plan is leaving Janine out of bed for the day, forcing Ava to pick up her second class as a substitute teacher. Read on for a peek at what happens next. Sick Day Avas, which has another side hustle, y.e. pyramid scheme, if you go on your own.

This week on Abbott Elementary, one of Avas’s schemes leaves Janine sick for the day, and forced her to take over her class as a substitute teacher. Read the rest of the story to see what happens next.

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Avas do a similar side hustle : pyramid scheme, only if you’re on the bottom. That’s obvious fact. Her product is his choice? Eye masks (Ava the Cold Man Coleman). She put them in the fridge so everybody was not able to take lunch without the sun. Janine, without a doubt, eats her salad sandwich (which are undoubtedly due to Jacobs’ warnings that there were an “embossive” story in Zimbabwe. Needless to say, she was in a disorganized position on the next day.

The cameras which, while she is prone to food poisoning, follow Janine all day, as she tried to fight off her symptoms. She’s sick to death, but nothing is more than it’s hard, she has managed to kill it.

After a lot of trips to the bathroom and some meds (pepto bismol, melatonin, and something Erica brought back from Mexico baby, as well as the effects, thats weed), Janine knocks out, all across her.

When will you learn? When will you learn? Your actions have consequences.

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After the unexpected consequences of the Avas scheme, Janine got sick. Ava tries to find a sub for her, but the district has a widespread subquine, which she would know for her, if she read the ATTENTION notes from the district, but that’s neither here nor there. After the fact that Avas looked out of the ordinary, he forced Avas to take on the role of acting as a substitute. It sounds like a good-eyed karma, which she adored from the old-fashioned, after she complained about what she had done with her teachers in the teaching room to everybody.

Ava is throwing Janines class out of whack. She’s giving the child the freedom to do what they want, if they don’t bother them. That’s what is reprimanded by Gregory after a gaggle of children comes to his class at eight-six for lunch and informs Janine. She calls ava and instructs her to give the kids their spelling test they have scheduled and follow the substitute binder that Janine left for a like-for-the-face situation.

Ava is Ava, so she doesn’t listen. Shes taking his arms in this binder like Simone Biles, deigning from the burgeoning Janines (very well thought out) policies. The children confuse the spelling test with the drawing time. They miss Janine. Their routine is too routine. Ava gets tired and leaves the children to Mr. Johnson who argues that humanoid lizards were suffocating under Denver’s airspace.

Gregory gratifies that Ava is giving up and explaining to her that she’s important to keep the holidays and a routine. She’s a victim of guilt. She goes back to follow the binders instructions. She ends up having to print more spelling tests and sacrifices her marketing flyers so she used the all of the paper making that morning to fuel her business. She returns to help kids with their spelling test. She seems to have all right things and the right heart.

When Janine returns to school, she asks for how subbing for her class was. Ava claims that it was easy and that teachers complain too much as the beginning of the show. As for her day, she seemed to be completely forgotten. Ava is taking initiative in fixing up a few things around school, including ordering more printbooks for teachers and getting the fire alarm in the gym fixed (another memo she hadn’t seen before but it was getting done at least).

The teachers’ lounge is open in the teacher’s bar.

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After Janines absence, Tasha returns. Another teacher left the space because of Janines chattiness. Barbara and Melissa noticed that the quiet scene without her began to complain about finally having some peace and quiet (but is it a joke?

The White-Marine robbed Jacob, always the white knight, with valiant action to protect the tenth of Janine and drew in her attempt to fix problems throughout the day. Everybody decided to make fun of what she would have done for something like fixing the broken coffee pot and her excessively caring flare were very annoying for all those who had to. The older teachers invite Tasha to dinner. Jacob peeps what’s happening, and in spite of the cameras, he complains about his dislike. They would NEVER let Janine go to dinner with them.

The trio and going in the lounge for a coffee break and then there, ants have begun praising the kitchenettes. After discovering a problem, Tasha swung through the shoulder and Jacob reminds them how Janine would’ve swooped in to fix it.

Janine returns when she leaves Tasha. In a thoughtful gesture, Gregory provides some ice-water to help her recover after asking how she’s doing it. Janine quickly realized the coffee pot is broken. Wrote a joke while she was gone, and fixed it. Barbara and Melissa tell him they missed her.

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