Tv trailer for The Psychological Thriller Alice, Darling Released

Lionsgate released the trailer today for its film Alice, Darling. Anna Kendrick stars as Alice, who, at first glance, looks like she has a perfect relationship with his boyfriend, but as his friends discover during a weekend vacation, Alice has been hiding the true essence of her relationship. The first story I've read in the last book.

Lionsgate released the trailer for the movie Alice, Darling today. Anna Kendrick is a woman who, on first glance, has the perfect relationship with her boyfriend Simon, but as soon as her friends find out during a weekend getaway, Alice is concealing her true relationship. According to the official summary of the film, it’s a picture that shows a movie whose origin is at work.

a harrowing novel about the woman pushing her psychologically abusive boyfriend, Simon, to the breaking point. While Alice is on vacation with his friends, she really realizes herself and possesses a much needed perspective. Slowly she is beginning to fray the cords of codependence that bind her. But Simons vengeance is as inevitable as it is shattering and when unleashed it tests Alice’s strength, her courage and the bond of deep-rooted friendships.

Kaniehtiiio Horn, Charlie Carrick and Wunmi Mosaku starring together with Anna Kendrick. Alice, Darling was written by Alanna Francis and directed by Mary Nighy.

Make sure to check the trailer below for Alice and Darling and check out the film at the cinema when it’s released on January 20th.