Who is Yutaro Kurose of Chainsaw? Man, Devil’s Contract & Powers Explained!

Chainsaw Man is a strange series you will discover in your life, but that is so special and that is why this series has become so popular. Chainsaw is so interesting that they deserve greater attention in fact and that they truly deserve more attention. Who's Yutaro Kurose in Chainsaw? Devil's Contract & Powers Explained! Read More

Chainsaw Man is one of the weirdest series that you’ll ever encounter in your life, but so much more unusual than you will ever encounter, so I feel it is an extraordinary story! The Characters of Chainsaw Man are so interesting they really deserve more attention. That is what inspired this article. In this article, we will present an animated character from the first part of the manga, which was quite limited to a temporary role, but still sparked our interest, given that he was very intriguing. That character that we talked about is Yutaro Kurose, a Devil Hunter from Kyoto. We’ll tell this article about that story.

Yutaro Kurose is a Devil Hunter from Kyoto. Kurose is not known much of what happened to him, who was thought to be very skilled. He didn’t get nervous around Makima and began to think a big hug. He is known for having a contract with the Punishment Devil, like Michiko, but the details are unknown and we can’t claim anything else about this support character.

The rest of this article will focus on the character of Yutaro Kurose and the role he plays in the Chainsaw Man series. This intriguing character is often featured in the first part of the manga. But let’s give you so many details that you can know about this character as well. If you don’t read the book, you’re in danger of spoiling the article.

Who is Yutaro Kurose in Chainsaw?

The Gun Devil destroyed Kuroses’s life, which led him to join the Public Safety movement, but since he didn’t think it was possible to kill it, he didn’t even try to kill the Gun Devil personally, like Aki Hayakawa. When Kurose and Tendo discovered that Makima had been slain by a railway evacuation, they were waiting for Makimas to take off from the Kyoto train station. While covered in blood, Makima marched unhurt from the train.

Makima merely states he wasn’t hit when the two questions whether he was hit by a bullet. Makima responds that they won’t make it in time and instead will assist from their actual location when Kurose asks for help from the rest of the Special Division. Thirty prisoners with life sentences or worse form of punishment, must be borrowed from Kurose.

Makima and her wife go to a neighboring shrine while she attacks the terrorists while wearing blindfolds. Tendo responds to Kuroses question about why they should be blindfolded by explaining that regular Devil Hunters can’t know who Devils she has contracts with. When Makima is done, she instructed the group to remove their blindfolds and said that she’ll be back in Tokyo.

Madoka greets them and gives Makima a message before coming to Tokyo. In minding Makima that they don’t want to become members of the special division and will only be present for one week to help in training, Kurose and Tendo exchange an angry glance. Aki is preparing for the day when they come to the hospital for his tough fight against the dangerous Katana man.

They introduced themselves and said they had requested that Makimas form a division 4 (SD4). Kurose tells Aki that because he switched sides with the Devil Fox, he can no longer call him. He and Tendo decide to leave after observing Akis dedication and return the next day with documentation so that Aki can buy a contract with a bigger division.

Kurose told Aki that another man waited to meet him as soon as they left. Aki is headed by Kurose and Tendo to a prison for Devils. When Kurose wonders whether the woman who visited Aki in the hospital was his lover, the latter responds to what he calls her her younger sister. She dropped by to deliver the letters from Himeno.

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When they get to the Future Devils jail, they discover he has already agreed with two other Public Safety Devils. After Aki signed a deal with the Future Devil, Kurose and Tendo take his car and will try to explore this area before driving back to Kyoto. He talks to Aki about how silly it is to think about killing the Gun Devil and how annoying he finds Aki in the car, but he turns a can of Coke in the hand and gives him a hint of advice that everything in the special The Division is crazy, so he should be careful.

As additional guardians for Denji, Kurose, Tendo, and another Devil Hunter named Subaru from Kyoto, were called to Tokyo. Subaru inquires about Makima throughout the trip, because they have previously met them, but Tendo is cut off to be able to respond when a series of road spikes are hurled in front of her vehicle, forcing them to crash. Three Devil Hunters from the United States of America crash the windows of the car and kill Kurose, Tendo and Subaru as Kurose wonders what happened. The Devil Hunters then imitate Kuroses appearance using their agreement with the Skin Devil.

Kuroses has the power and contract of the man.

About Kurose, who was thought to be very knowledgeable, is little is known. He was nervous around Makima and had a strong accent. He is known for his contract with the Punishment Devil, like Michiko, but the details are unknown and we cannot explain anything to anyone about this supporting character. The question here is, that while we do know the Devil, we do not know anything about the Punishment Devil. As for the contract, it seems that he would punish Kuroses opponents, but it remains to be revealed, how far the contract is about, the level of Kuroses skills still remain unabated in the Chainsaw Man area, so long as it was implied, as we said, that he was very skilled.