Who’s that kind of company of Hayakawa? (& Who’s Its Member?)

Aki is one of the main characters of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. Aki became very sceptical towards Denji initially, but later became his close companion. The Chainsaw Man manga is still on the verge of ending in action, but Akis is ready to finish yet. Who is the Hayakawa-Soldy family? (& Who's its members?) Read More

Aki is a principal character of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. An curious man, Aki was initially very angry towards Denji, but later became his close ally. Although the chainsaw man comics are still in progress, Akis is fine, but that won’t stop us from discussing his story here. In this article, we’ll discuss the Hayakawa family: Aki, his brother, and his parents. My stories will be told in this article.

The Hayakawa family was formed of four people. Aki Hayakawa became its most famous members. Aki was a younger brother, Taiyo Hayakawa, who was sick from a known illness, and two living parents, who cared a lot for his younger brother. All of them were murdered when the Gun Devil attacked Aki, so that he was promoted to a Devil hunter. He was later killed by the Gun Gun Devil while protecting Makima and turned into the Gun Fiend, who eventually died off by Denji.

The rest of this article will focus on Aki Hayakawa’s character and his family. The funniest characters have been much liked in the first part of this manga, so we are going to bring you more details, so that you can know everything about them. If you don’t read the manga, we must warn you there’ll be spoilers in this article.

Who is the Hayakawa family in Chainsaw?

The Hayakawa family is one of the rare families of Chainsaw Man that were actually addressed at a particular point of the story. Obviously, they’re not very important in the story, but they’re crucial for understanding Aki Hayakawas’ story in the Chainsaw Man manga. The Hayakawa family was a group of four people, consisting of two parents and two sons: the elder, Aki Hayakawa, and the younger, Taiyo Hayakawa.

That is not known what the parents a long way for their lives, but we know they really cared for Taiyo. Taiyo had an unknown illness while he was a child, and the parents hoped to take care of him. That’s why Aki was mostly alone, and sometimes he angry at his brother because he was always careful to find a way for him to play with him.

On the dreaded day that was shown in anime and anime, Taiyo accepted Akis invitation and went out to play with him in the snow. Aki was in a bad mood all the time, while Taiyo was happy to spend time with him. At one point, Aki tripped up, and, seeing how his brother was cold in the snow, he returned home to put some warmer things on. As long as he was waiting, he noticed that his house and three members of his family disappeared. She was shocked. He later found out that the Gun Devil was doing a job and that his family died in a manner that would cause an attack by the dreaded Devil. This is the reason why Aki used to swear at revenge and became a Devil Hunter.

Ironically, Aki was killed by the Gun Devil himself; then, the Gun Devil possessed his body and became the Fiend for the Gun, intent on killing Denji. To be successful, Aki managed to lose his influence on the Gun Devils, which finally allowed Denji to defeat the Gun Fiend and kill him.

Who is Hayakawa family?

In this section, we will introduce the unique members of the Hayakawa family from Chainsaw Man.

Aki Hayakawa pledged to become a Devil Hunter to kill the gun of the last known man, the December 18, 10 attack, who aimed at the entire planet for five minutes and shattered his parents and younger brother. Before meeting Himeno, who had recently lost her mission companion, he signed a deal with the Fox Devil, which he was later a loyal companion. Aki Hayakawa, whom she trains, eventually picks up some of her bad habits like smoking. Aki Hayakawa is joining the Anti-Devil Special Unit 4 (so the exact date is not precise).

The focus shifts to the Gun Devil Arc, a major arc based on the part 1 of Chainsaw Man manga. The story eventually revealed the gun Devil and sounded the main antagonist, so it was mentioned several times earlier. By the original mention of Akis’ backstory and by the desire to reavenge the death of his family to the beginning of the Gun Devil arc, there were several other, and more important arcs that furthered Akis story, but they did not reveal much backstory details about him. This article is to avoid these events as they are not directly related to the ultimate fate of Akis, as was the story portrayed at the Gun Devil.

The gun-control attack took place on September 12, 1997 in the Japanese city of Nikaho in the Akita Prefecture. A gunshot activates just as soon as he happens. The Gun Devil takes Makima to kill his village. It might be visible to Makima from 500 kilometers away. The Gun Devil stops shooting at Makima.

Just before being shot, Makima unleashes her strength. Meanwhile, the Gun Devil kills Makima and Aki. They attempted to save Makima from death by avoiding his own vengeance so that she might save her. Makima had just recorded her 29th kill. Makima takes advantage of the powers of the Angel and Spider Devils as well as his agreements with Yutaro Kurose, Akane Sawatari, Michiko Tendo and Aki Hayakawa, to defeat this defeat.

Nevertheless, Makima didn’t destroy the gunman. The Gun Devils were infested bodies – in one of the most heartbreaking and ironic moments of the entire series. The gun slapstick, now a nazi, moves into Akis’s residence swiftly and knocks on the door. Makima tells Denji, who has no idea what’s happening, to open it, but while the Gun Field shoots him in the stomach, immediately.

On the other hand, a lot of Akis apartment was destroyed, while Denji and Power exploded and moved the direction of the attack. The Gun Fiend then acuted Denji and disdainfully destroyed the city, then injuring several bystanders. In the process, Aki remembers the snowball fight he had with his younger brother just before the murder of his family, but this time in the vision it is Denji and not the younger brother he was playing with.

After seeing the police speak and urging the locals to help Denji, he eventually kills the Fire Fiend and defeats him. What happened because Aki had an immediate vision of Denji crying, the reason he decided to stop fighting him, because he never met the young man, and both of him considered Denji a friend. However, it looks like this was not the last we’ve seen of the Gun Devil, but he hasn’t gotten to the show since.

Taiyo Hayakawa was younger brother of Aki Hayaka. Although Aki was calm and quiet, Taiyo liked to spend time with his older brother. Aki wanted to play, but he was actually envious of the attention he had his brother getting and then Taiyo agreed to play with him; he tried to chase him away.

Taiyo had an unknown illness, as he meant that the manga didn’t name it. It was still impossible for Taiyo to enjoy life, regardless of his illness. This is why he accepted the Akis invitation and went out to play with him. He was killed, as we said, during the Gun Devils attack.

Aki and his borhter had two living parents before the incident. Their mother was reading books The Country Mouse and City Mouse to sick Taiyo in bed, with their father likewise. They seem to care more about Taiyo than Aki, but this was probably because Taiyo was sick. The two were killed during the fire.